Thursday, October 12, 2006

Friday 13

1. I have finally organized our closet! Of course, I’ve only done the folded clothes portion and managed a “mini-purge”. Not quite as ruthless as Ces was but at least there’s a bit more space until the next time I go shopping. Ha ha!

2. Fixed my shoe storage system – now I can find exactly what I want to wear without opening half a dozen shoe boxes in the morning and sneezing to death from all the dust.

3. I realized my feet have grown humongous after having two babies. I went from a size 7 to a size 9. The only thing good about this is that my size is always the one available in a shoe sale. So there!

4. Replenished my “To be read” book pile. It used to have 50 books which I’ve whittled down to around 20 and then it’s up to 40 again. Yay!

5. I’ve submitted all the requirements for my kids’ big school application. Now all I have to do is keep my fingers crossed and pray that they get accepted.

6. In light of the past typhoon which caused a lot of damage to the steel structures where advertising billboards are posted, the MMDA are taking it out. Traffic’s been horrendous the past few days, I’ll be glad when everything’s back to normal.

7. I won the most recent scrabble game with Jun. Our current game’s almost done – only 17 tiles left and I’m around 30 points behind. Help!

8. The kids’ trick or treat costumes this year have been settled. Joshua is a recycled Superman (thank goodness the costume still fits) and Faith is a fairy (c/o of my aunt who so thoughtfully sent over a fairy costume from the US),

9. I’ve also fixed the kids’ closets – only the toys and old clothes left to organize for donation on Christmas.

10. Apart from the Halloween costume, my aunt also sent Ghirardelli chocolates! I’m in heaven.

11. It feels strange to be in a new office with a lot of new faces. I’m slowly getting used to it but I miss my old officemates terribly.

12. My aunt also sent a black robe with a cowl for Joshua which is a bit too big for him. Last night my dad put it on along with a freaky shark hat and went outside to the terrace to scare the maids.

13. Only 75 days till Christmas!


Ces said...

Your closet will be filled again - soon. Clothes multiply.

My feet splayed too after pregnancy. From 7 to 9 1/2. Amazing.

The typhoon was horrendous but how admirable for the people to have not acted the way people in New Orleand did. Ooops, I forgot these are Filipinos - they rise from catstrophes and disasters without losing their dignity year after year after year...

What happened to your old officemates? Were they laid off?

Anonymous said...

"Only 75 days till Christmas!" Thanks for reminding me. Can I panic now??? ARRRRRGGGGH! :p

Menchie said...

Totally agree with you about Pinoys. And no, I just moved to another job and left my old ofcmates behind.

Would it make you panic more if I told you I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping? AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Maria said...


i enjoyed reading your latest posts. haven't had the chance to post a comment cause i've been busy, i'm actually working - hehe!

naka relate ako huh, I miss the old ofc, too. and yes, i still do afterall these yearS. I heard there’s been big changes… it’d be nice if there’s a reunion one day –of course, we’ll come up with a guest list, right? *wink!*

Menchie said...


Haven't had a chance to update much since I still have no email access yet in the new office. BTW, am with Jollibee now. Been making the rounds of the different brands which is so much fun! (Been making pizzas in Greenwich!).

And of course merong guestlist sa reunion! *wink*

my said...

Are we the "old" officemates you miss??? :-)

Saw new pairs of Chinese Laundry's so you!

Menchie said...

Of course My! Ay! I shouldn't go to Galleria pala. Bibili na naman ako tapos they'll go on sale after two months. Kainis!