Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Not my day

Jun and I met up with a friend of mine and her boyfriend for lunch at Rockwell last Saturday. I brought the kids with us – figured it’s been a while since we spent time at the mall just chilling. After lunch, browsed (and shopped!) at Zara where we said goodbye to my friend and we proceeded to the bookstore.

After paying for my books, I went straight to the Customer Service counter to borrow a pen and fill out some raffle coupons while Jun brought Joshua to the men’s room. Faith and I were heading out of the bookstore when I realized that I left my purchases at the cashier. Whew!

We passed by a display of Porsches and of course Joshua thought it was Lightning McQueen. I placed the shopping bags in a chair by the display while the kids posed with the cars. I was just about finished with grocery shopping half an hour later when Jun asked where the bags were. Whoops... I left it in the car display. Jun hurriedly went back for it while I paid for the groceries. After paying, I spied Jun walking back and was relieved to see he got the bags back. We were on our way to the parking lot when our yaya pointed out the grocery shopping bag I forgot on the counter. Ay talaga! I was worse than my grandmother. And the piece de resistance, I was laughing my head off at something Jun said while we were walking back to the car when I tripped and fell on my left knee. I was so stunned at finding myself on the floor that it took several seconds before I got up. I now have a large bruise.

Really, when it rains, it pours.

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