Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Midweek Blahs

This week’s been the pits. I’ve had the flu since last Thursday – the works (cold, cough, achy muscles and joints). Of course, since my kids are an extension of my body (literally!), they caught it too (and this despite my going around over the weekend with a mask covering my nose and mouth).

So I stayed home from work last Monday and exiled Joshua and myself to our room. I banished Faith to my mom and her yaya in an effort to contain it. I should’ve known it was useless when Faith’s nose started dripping yesterday morning. Oh well. Meanwhile, Josh and I had a wonderful time during our quarantine. We were spooning on the couch in front of the TV – Josh occupied with the Disney channel and me alternating between napping and reading a book. We left the room to have lunch and went back for Joshua’s afternoon nap. I’d forgotten how I liked being in that space between sick and really sick – when it’s so easy for me to fall asleep (after taking my best friend – ibuprofen). I like to think of my annual flu as my body’s response to the daily grind and lack of sleep I subject it to.

Not completely well yet but am back at work. Woozy and with a sore nose but getting there. I have my birthday and the Gary V concert to look forward to this week. Woohoo!


Maria said...

ayyy... i hope you are feeling much better now.

Happy birthday! It's going to be on Sunday, right? Of course, I know. =)

Here's to another year of love, peace and happiness!

Menchie said...

Hey Maria! Thanks for the bday greetings! Yep, it's on Sunday. :D

Still feeling under the weather but trying to fight it siempre -- nothing will keep me from the concert tomorrow!

Ces said...

I hope you get well soon.