Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday 13: Anywhere But Here

Sometimes, when I get really, really bored, I think of a place I’d rather be. Some would be places and times that are memorable, others are places I promised myself I’d visit in the future.

1. Back in UP Diliman. Entering the UP campus always leaves me feeling awed. The drive lined with the majestic acacia trees that for some reason, mutes the noise made by the constant stream of traffic on a busy school day. I’d remember the lazy, sunny afternoons after class, eating the best fishballs in the AS parking lot before going home.

2. Beach in Phuket on my honeymoon. ‘Nuff said. :D

3. A sidewalk café in Paris, reading a book.

4. A sun drenched villa in Tuscany.

5. Sunset in Boracay with Jun, sipping the best fresh strawberry or mocha shake in front of Jona’s, feet buried in the cool, white, perfect sand. Throw in a hot choriburger (grilled longganisa in a grilled bun with their special sauce) and I’m in heaven.

6. On a cliff viewing the Twelve Apostles in Melbourne. Now that was breathtaking.

7. Back on our rooftop with my sisters.

8. In bed with the kids and Jun, all tangled up in each other, laughing like crazy in our own little world.

9. Anywhere I can sit down and read a book uninterrupted. Even a bathroom will do.

10. Sydney Opera House with the fantastic view of the harbor.

11. San Francisco – one of my favorite cities.

12. A bookstore.

13. Anyplace, really. As long as Jun’s with me.


Ces said...

So now I know why I like you. You went to UP. Yes, it is a beautiful campus. We used to live in the houses leased to the faculty beyond the College of Vet Med. and the president's house. Oh, it brings back memories, very long time ago. The UP President was Lopez. There were 5 of us sisters and brothers, all attending UP at one time. It was fun.

You are a world class traveler.

kj said...

what a great idea for thursday 13. i loved reading about the places that make you happy. i share your choices almost totally, except i don't know what or where UP is.

Menchie said...

Wow Ces! Glad to know you're a fellow UP student.

KJ, UP stands for University of the Philippines. It's where I went to college. It has a beautiful campus.