Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Um, mommy can you come here for a sec?

This past weekend, I started two movies on DVD and got about halfway through but didn’t finish both of them. One was the movie “Click” which I started at around five thirty and had to stop because of dinner. Of course, after dinner meant baths for the kids, brush teeth, fix things for the work day and bedtime for the two rug rats. Then the hubby and I decided to watch “Underworld 2” which we decided to stop midway because we had to get up early the next day. Sometimes it seems my life is a constant state of interruptions. I get interrupted in the bathroom, reading, eating meals, getting ready (whether for bed, going out, etc.), watching TV, movies, etc., etc., etc.. Everything I do must be done at a very fast pace.

Being able to do things within a minimal amount of time has now become a habit. Things I can do in 5 minutes – eat meals and take a bath. I can finish getting dressed in 10-15 minutes and can do my own mani/pedi in 20-30 minutes. In the beginning when the kids were really young, it was a necessity, otherwise I wouldn’t even be able to go to the bathroom. Now, well, I guess I got used to operating in fast forward. And then Joshua and Faith got used to being attended to right away that they balk when I don’t give them my complete attention the minute they ask for it.

So I hurry, hurry, hurry. Hurry in getting the kids ready for bed ‘cause it’s late, completely missing the times Joshua would sing and make funny faces while washing up. I fast track getting the kids to sleep and miss the usually hilarious whispered conversations with Josh in the dark about nothing in particular. The things I loved to do (read books, chat with my sisters) were put aside so I can give my children the complete attention they wanted and (I thought) deserved.

Now I’m slowly regaining my sense of self. I realize I lost it for a while, being completely immersed in being a mother. I guess, as in everything, a balance must be kept. The kids are older and it won’t kill them to have to wait a few minutes before I can look at the huge poop they just plopped in the bathroom. Yeah, with experience comes the power to ascertain whether whatever it is can wait – or if it’s something you need to pay attention to right away say, like Josh putting a pillow over Faith’s face or catch the two of them hugging and kissing each other in a rare and heartwarming display of sibling love.

I still haven’t decided whether to finish “Click” or not. Not a big fan of Adam Sandler who I think is the Hollywood version of Tito, Vic and Joey. I’m thinking maybe I’d rather watch Faith or Joshua go poop in the bathroom. It’s much more entertaining and the comic material is fresh. By the way, the post title is what Joshua says when he wants me to check out his poop. You didn't need to know that but too bad -- I felt like sharing.


Ces said...

Menchie, I have to laugh out loud at this:

"it won’t kill them to have to wait a few minutes before I can look at the huge poop they just plopped in the bathroom."

I enjoy reading your blog. It's the same thing for mothers and wives everywhere whether it is in Manila or New York.

I too do not get the privilege of finishing movies. I don't even get to watch my tv shows. I gave up. I do however, get to paint when I so desire but even that has to be put off sometimes.

Menchie said...

I've also given up on watching TV shows but I do know the words to all the songs in the Play House Disney Channel.
You're so lucky you can paint Ces. I couldn't draw a pretty picture if my last cup of Starbucks coffee depended on it! :D

Maria said...

mench -
LOL! you are so funny and I can actually picture you reading this post...

and mench - WHERE'S YOUR FRIDAY 13? dedicated to you ang aking Thursday 13 today, kala mo ba?