Monday, July 31, 2006

Great start...NOT!

Gad! What a Monday! Morning traffic was horrendous -- it took me two hours to get to the office. And wouldn't you know it, on the very rare times that I have to drive (Jun worked overnight), it was stop and go even on the skyway *grrrrr*. Now Jun believes me when I say I'm cursed...every time it's my turn to drive, nine times out of ten, traffic will be bad. Just ask Argie, my former carpoolmate. (Di ba Arg?)

I'm still nursing a cold but had a really nice weekend vegging out and watching season one of House. Love, love, love it! Plus, I have a new toy!!! Got my new laptop and with Jun setting up the wireless thingy, we were in internet surfing heaven.

On my way out now, crossing my fingers that traffic won't be bad. I think I've suffered enough this morning.


gonzales family said...

the curse lives on!

Harlot said...

Hi Menchie,

Glad you stopped by the BBs blog! And yes, i am half Pinay and proud of it too. :) Not sure if you've noticed but my Trollop and i don't give personal info; we're not into it, not to mention this long story involving some rabid fans stalking us LOL. Hope you'll join us there once in a while. Besos.

Such cute kids you have. :)

Ces said...

What?!!! Only 2 hours? When I was studying at UP and had to go from Diliman to Padre Faura, it took 4 hours and the two hours was just between Padre Faura and the Quiapo church. That was in the late 70's. So I see there is progress, or is it? I can't wait to be visit next summer. It will probably be 115 degrees.

Menchie said...

Hey Ces! Yep, there's been progress although traffic rules are the same. You're going to be soooo surprised when you come visit. :D

Maria said...

mench -
go for it! make Thursday 13 to Friday 13! will look forward to seeing it this friday! :)