Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2011 Revisited

Photos!  Just some highlights from the past year. 

2011 Family Photo shoot
Wacky shot!

Everyone's playing nice

Faith celebrated her 7th birthday

Another birthday shot with her cake

Last year's attempt at Home Organization culminated in the cleaning up of the second floor toy area.  It took four full days (long weekend in August) and another extra weekend where I did nothing but sort and clean up.  


I also turned the big 4-0 last year.  No big celebration (yet! ha ha!), just a simple dinner with the people I love.

Posterity shot for my 40th birthday dinner

The hubby and I managed to travel together for a quick vacation with two of my friends.  Turned out to be quite memorable since he got the flu and stayed pretty much in the hotel for the duration of our stay.  So here's a shot of myself in Macau, sans hubby.

Note to Self: Bright red bags work really well in pictures!

Faith participated in a ballet recital of the Sound of Music late in December. I just love this stolen shot of her.
Stolen shot of Faith during their recital photo shoot

I also saw Wicked in Singapore! Love!

Just a random New Year's Eve picture I thought I'd throw in.  Lucia was crying, as I remember and didn't want to go with anyone else. 

I had a really nice holiday season and I'm obviously still in withdrawal.  Lots to look forward to this year.  We'll be visiting Hong Kong again but this time with the kids.  Lucia will be starting pre-school in June.  Another year of milestones to look forward to.

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