Friday, May 20, 2011

Last night was game night -- Josh and Faith have been bugging us to play Monopoly Deal since Tuesday.  We each had our game face on as we played on the floor of our bedroom while Lucia flitted around, alternately hugging me and Jun and trying to swipe the cards we put on the floor.  We only had time for two games though as we started at 9pm.  First round was mine while Jun took game two with a deal breaker card that stole MY set, the rat!  (Thanks Irish for the xmas gift! We are really enjoying it!)  We all love that freaking card game.  Josh is now asking, so when can you teach me to play poker mommy??  Ha!  Then I remember that mommy taught us to play pekwa when we were little kids.  And Blackjack (no money involved though, just bragging rights).  I have very fond memories of those fun times.  Maybe next summer then.  Note to self: teach Jun how to play Pekwa.

On summer reading updates, Joshua is on his 15th book.  Faith is on her 6th which is ok since she's only 7.  I promised them some Timezone time if they read at least 10 books this summer.  Television's not too much of a priority nowadays in the household.  The kids actually BEG me to get a bit more reading done before bedtime.  Can you imagine??!! 

For the rest of the summer, we've still got Faith's birthday party and Joshua's birthday to celebrate.  May is a huge birthday month with all the gremlins' birthdays.  Lucia looooves birthdays.  She made us sing three times just so she can keep blowing her candle.  There are also four huge water guns with our names on them that we ABSOLUTELY have to try before the summer ends. 

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