Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Date a girl who reads

A friend of mine sent me this link today and I was so glad I read it.  Something I wish I had written because it felt like the writer was referring to me.  Uhm, except for the closet full of books (mine has clothes....aaaand more clothes...and shoes).  But still, my books are scattered all over the house instead, and the car.  Anyway.  Click on the link and read.  NOW!  I'll wait..


All done???  Now then, wasn't that nice? 

Jun will so be able to relate to this.  He married one, after all.  I can't remember all the times he has caught me crying over something in a book I was reading.  And he never once laughed at me or called it silly or stupid.  But he does give me funny looks when I suddenly laugh out loud while reading.  He's also used to being ignored over long periods of time when I am engrossed in something.  Like the Stieg Larsson trilogy or when Mockingjay came out.   Now the kids are zoning out on me and I completely deserve it.  I think I also read while breastfeeding.  ha ha ha!

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