Friday, February 04, 2011

It figures...

I spoke too soon.  Lucia is sick too.  She was the one who started it all when she got sick on New Year's Day.  It's gone full circle.  Back to her.  I love my pediatrician but last night I told him I hoped I never see him again for the next six months.  Then I remembered the kids have their flu shots scheduled this February.  Faith has been dreading it.  And I also have to bring Lucia back Saturday morning if she still has fever.  Last night the doctor couldn't find a focus for the fever so he couldn't prescribe any antibiotics.  He'll have to check her again on Sat and if still no focus, then we'll do a blood test.  Suki kami for the month of January.  Even his assistant commented, "wow, na kumpleto sila a."

Meanwhile, the little gremlin has had her fever off and on.  She's so active when the fever's down that I'm not TOO worried.  YET.  We'll see. I really hate it when the kids are sick.  I woke up at 5am to take her temperature and gave her Calpol.  Then I couldn't go back to sleep till about 6am. 

The hubby was in Ilocos for a short trip last night.  I missed him.  Especially when Lucia threw up all over the blankets at around 11pm.  Wished you were there Jun.  You missed cleanup.  Which I am sure you will be happy about.  Since she threw up all over the blankets, Rose and I just wrapped her in it and brought her to the bathroom.  No cleanup necessary except for changing Lucia.  Di bale, next time ulit.  he he.  Her hair smelled like vomit -- she had her head under my nose the whole time she was sleeping. 

Listening to Janet Jackson while working today.  Preparing for her concert tonight.  :D


Pacha said...

Oh! That sick story sounds bad! Poor Lucia! Hope she's on the mend already...I hate it when my kids are sick too. I can't cope even if they've got a headache. I'm too much of a worrier. Fortunately for them there's no physical time left in the day to be too much of a fusser!


Menchie said...

Hey Pacha!! The concert was fabulous!!! Am glad I went even without the hubby (business trip).