Saturday, February 05, 2011

Faith moment

Joshua was at a classmate's birthday party and I was preparing to go to the concert when Faith decides she has had enough of being by herself.

I was in the bathroom putting on makeup when she starts making kulit -- endless questions about what time I was gonna be home (she's worse than my mom!), who I was going to be with, what's the concert about, who is Janet Jackson.  Then she asks if it was the same music like the concert in church (Bukas Palad) and I said no and did she want to listen to the music I was going to listen to at the concert? Yes daw. 

I made her listen to parts of Together Again and she goes, "I want to come with you Mommy!"....uh oh.

So I said, you know what? Come over here and play with mommy's make up.  That kept her quiet for a while. 

Then the tears started when I was about to leave.  She calls me twice on my cell phone while I was on the way to the concert just to tell me she wanted to be with me.  This despite being with her the whole day today. 

Then I thought, I am going to remember this moment when she's sixteen and I'm the one begging her to  spend time with me. 


Pacha said...

Faith is so funny! That is so sweet that she wanted to come to the concert with you! Shame they won't find us sweet but very irritating when we want to be with them all the time when they're older!

My said...

Payback time in 10 years? :-D