Monday, March 22, 2010

Flu Season

It's that time of the year again. It just sucks big time when your kids are sick. Triple sucks in my case because all three of them were sick last week. Lucia still is, actually. I had to take off early from work last Thursday to bring all of them to the pediatrician. Cough and colds are the culprit. And because the two eldest are stubborn little gremlins and could not bring themselves to stay away from their baby sister, well, now Lucia's miserably sick too.

And there's nothing worse than a sick baby. At least older kids can tell you what's painful, etc. I always feel helpless whenever my babies are sick. I spent the past weekend with Lucia plastered to my body. I could only put here down for bathroom breaks and mealtime. Otherwise, she refuses to settle down unless I carry her. Consequently, I've mostly been covered with snot and vomit, sometimes at the same time.

It's been a true test of my immune system -- I very very rarely contract illness from the kids. The hubby is frequently amazed that as soon as the kids are done then all who came in contact with them get sick. 'Cept me.

Is it a mommy thing or is it just me?


babyjourney said...

I hate it when my baby gets sick too! And at 17 months, he would still demand to velcro his 29 pound body to mine :) No complaints though. :)

But I don't share your super immunity-mommy-powers! I get sick as soon as he gets the sniffles :)

Time to load up on Vit C and GLG :)

Frances said...

I think God blesses mommies =) Or else, who'll look after the little ones and the big one (that'll be the hubby!)? Hope the kids get well soonest. I'm down with the cough myself. Nasty bug going around!

Menchie said...


yeah, i don't mind very much except when i have to go to the bathroom! and then she wails like someone's hurting her.

i think so too! my mom is the same. though now that she's more grandma than mommy, she's lost that immunity! I hope you get that immunity too.

Anonymous said...

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