Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What the...????!!!!!

Serves me right for not checking my blog. Imagine my surprise at finding an ad by a presidential candidate in my ad sense below my last post. I immediately changed my ad sense settings. I have not decided who to vote for yet so I don't want any politically inclined ads in my blog.

Work is great! Busy, but really really interesting. Between work, a baby and two kids, I haven't had time for anything else. February's been a busy month and all our weekends are accounted for with school events and doctor's appointments. I've managed to squeeze in a trial class of Stott Pilates and enjoyed it. It's the perfect activity for my injured knee with the added benefit of hopefully making me lose the extra weight after baby number three. I can only manage a once a week class on Saturdays because of work on weekdays which means I'll have to supplement with diet and some cardio. I really hate the after pregnancy and delivery part! After three babies, it's sheer hell to lose the weight.

But Lucia is perfectly adorable. So totally worth the difficult birth and the sleepless nights. She's nine months old now and is equal parts angel and little gremlin. I love it. She's mastered cruising in her crib and is starting to stand up from a sitting position without support. Teething doesn't seem to be a problem except for the part where she likes to chomp on my shoulders and breast. She's got one little tooth poking out from her lower front gums.

And I know, I need to post pictures. Am probably the only blogger mom who rarely posts pictures. I know it's easy but I don't have the pictures in my laptop. It's all stored in the laptop at home which I don't have time to open when I get home because Lucia latches on to me like a panda bear to a bamboo tree.

So all's well on the home front. I'm currently nursing a mild headache from coffee deprivation in the morning due to an early meeting. Figured I'd rush a quick post. Only two days before the weekend! Yay!


angels4kids said...

Love the 'latches on like a panda bear to a bamboo tree' part. I am sure she's the sweetest smelling panda in the world. Enjoy every minute with your young ones. I have to tiptoe now to smell the top of my boys' heads.

Menchie said...

You're right. There's nothing like baby smell. :D

Anonymous said...

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