Friday, January 30, 2009

Check your child's homework....

Got this thru email from a friend today........

(Here's the reply the teacher received the following day)   
Dear Mrs. Jones,
I wish to clarify that I am not now, nor have I ever been, an exotic dancer.  
I work at Home Depot and I told my daughter how hectic it was last week before the blizzard hit.  I told her we sold out every single shovel we had, and then I found one more in the back room, and that several people were fighting over who would get it.    Her picture doesn't show me dancing around a pole.  It's supposed to depict me selling the last snow shovel we had at Home Depot.
From now on I will remember to check her homework more thoroughly before she turns it in. 

You just gotta love kids.  I sometimes live in fear of what mine will eventually reveal to their respective teachers/classmates/etc.  Faith just loooooves to draw.  The other day she drew a picture of me...with boobs clearly depicted the size of which is clearly not in proportion to the reality.  I found it really amusing.  Now I wonder where she put it.

Aren't you just happy it's Friday???  I know I am. :D


SabineM said...

I cannot stop laughing! Hilarious!!

Stace said...

I have so much to look forward to!! lol

Great to see you blogging some more :) Missed you, in your long absences!!

Ms. Val said...

OMG, I need to borrow this for my blog!!!!!

Nice to see you posting, Mench. Hope all is well.

david santos said...

Hello, Menchie!
Brilliant posting!!!

Keshi said...



shnaggy said...

hi menchie,
that's very cute. yes our children draw pictures that are funny and sometimes scary...but they are just so real in their world. they have their own meaning to it. sometimes, adults interpret it some other way.
good luck on your new bundle of joy coming up...i'll pray for you...