Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Boy, it's been a while. It hasn't been the easiest of pregnancies which I attribute to my age (ugh!). I spent Christmas Day curled up in bed all alone while everyone went the rounds of family reunions due to a premature labor scare. Guess I kind of overdid it with the driving and walking around. So I've mostly spent the past couple of days resting and taking things easy.

It's been a different Christmas altogether. Not much of the rush since I finished shopping early and didn't really go to a lot of parties. I've kind of relished the alone time - the kids are old enough to amuse themselves most of the time with their Christmas loot. And I keep thinking that when the littlest one arrives, there's not going to be too much of that.

Highlights of the season for me were the looks on the kids' faces when they opened their presents from Santa. Joshua got the coolest Optimus Prime and Megatron robots (which I got on sale!!!!!). Should have captured on video the way the hubby and my brother got so engrossed with transforming the robots I had to put a stop to it at two in the morning. Faith got Princess Liana and the guy doll partner. I just had to laugh when I heard her say, "Wait a minute, you mean this (man) doll doesn't do ANYTHING??? It doesn't even sing???"

I also got to spend the day with a beloved cousin from Sydney whom I seldom talk to except for the occasional email. I had a lot of fun just catching up and shopping with him. Am still waiting for the pictures he took of our day together.

Oh, and I got to hear Charisse Pempengco sing live at mass last Saturday night. She is phenomenal! No wonder they're getting her to sing in Obama's inauguration. Or so I heard.

So anyway, we're gearing up for the New Year's Eve celebration later tonight. The hubby is getting the kids' baths and naptime going while I quickly finish post off.

I hope the new year brings peace and joy and a lot of good possibilities and opportunities to everyone. Happy New Year everybody!


Stace said...

You poor thing, I'm sorry to hear you're not having a very good pregnancy. I suppose I shouldn't gloat, but mine has been very easy so far :) I'm glad the kids had a good time - everybody loves Optimus Prime, especially when he's on sale! You take care, and try to blog more often! I missed you! My baby blogger buddy! ;)

kj said...

happy new year, mench. i hope you feel better every day.

hey! i thought you'd like to know my book's out. the cover is awesome!

take care of yourself.


aminah said...

it is ages since i have heard from you. How exciting to hear that you are pregnant!! You have to keep me updated!!!

look forward to hearing from you

Stace said...

Menchie, come back!! Surely you're well into the second trimester now, you should be feeling a little better?? I hope! I miss you :(

Keshi said...

aww thats not good. Anyways I hope it'll all get better in time. HUGS n hey I so missed ya luv!


Homo Escapeons said...

You'll forget all about it when you get to see that little face staring up at you....

or not?

Being pregnant and entering the witness protection program at the same time can't be easy..
I'm glad that you finally found a way to send a message out to the blogosphere.

Big supportive HUG :)