Friday, January 11, 2008


Am so tired. But I'm back to posting. I think.

Have not touched my laptop for non-work related purposes since Christmas so I know it's been a while. Personal circumstances have changed quite a bit since last month and I have less time for personal stuff, even reading. It's been chores, chores, chores for the past two weeks.

I hope you all had a nice Christmas and New Year's break. Judging from the sporadic visits I've been able to squeeze in, you guys had a rocking holiday!

I DID have a lot of fun during the holiday -- the to-do list kept growing since I usually dropped the serious stuff for blowing bubbles in the yard and a no mercy, kick-ass water spray fight with the kids and the hubby. I got ganged-up on more times than I liked but I got them good with face shots while they were in the middle of refilling, heh heh.

And speaking of no mercy, that was my mantra as I went through our closets for my annual it's-January-so-we-have-to-organize time. So far, I've got more than a dozen trash bags piled up in the second floor of the house, ready for charity and a possible garage sale.

I smell changes in the air this year, one of which is the fact that my sister is now married and will be moving out of the house. Such a beautiful wedding and I will post pics as soon as I muster enough energy (and time) to fiddle with the camera. My younger sister and I got teary eyed when the doors to the church opened and my sister walked in with my parents.

Have a good weekend folks!


Pacha said...

Ohhhhhh! Menchie, I got teary eyed reading about you getting teary eyed in seeing your sister. Am very very emotional lately!

And good on you for enjoying your family this holiday (being ganged up on and everything ;))

But I'm glad you're back to posting. Because the snippets of your life really do lighten up my own!

I think 2008 is going to be amazing too!

Marie said...

Nice to have you back. Have a lovely weekend and a great New Year!

Stace said...

I recently gave 4 garbage bags full of clothes to the Salvation Army shop down the road. No Mercy!!! (Then I went and bought a nice new shirt today, trying to make up for it a little!)

I had no idea your sister lived with you. That's so awesome that she got married. Congratulations!

Menchie said...

She was so beautiful going down the aisle. *sniff* I love weddings.

I do hope this year turns out to be amazing. I've got plans.... :D

Thanks! I hope we all have a good year. It's the year of the pig at least -- my year! :D

Heh heh heh...I just bought a pair of pants and two shirts -- all on sale! I gave up so many clothes, at least it gave me an idea of what I needed.

Yes, my sister and my brother and I live in the same house. Then my parents and other sister live just across the lawn. The extended family system is prevalent in this country. The babysitting benefits are awesome! :D

Stace said...

I can imagine the babysitting benefits... but to be honest, as much as I love my parents, I couldn't live so close to them! I left their house when I was 17 and have lived out in the world since then, about two hours drive away from them. I like it that way - it's close enough to drive here and back in a day, but too far to do very often!

SabineM said...

oh i do not have a sister but I am sure it would make me teary eyed too
can't wait for the photos!

Keshi said...

WB hun I missed ya!

Congratts to ur sis...awww..some pics?


Caroline said...

Lovely to see you back. Photos. Please photos.
And can you send me an email with your address, so I'll send you a badge?

vEENs said...

I lov weddings :)

and I get teary eyed too.. the emotions are beautiful!!

pics plss...

lov and hugzz,

Diesel said...

Hey Menchie! Glad to see you're back. Sorry to tease you with those headlines. :)

Hildegarde said...

Good to hear that's you are active and sound ! (and every time I see the SouthPark version, I have to smile)

Menchie said...

I guess I'm lucky in that my parents aren't very controlling. But culture plays a very big part in our harmonious (more or less :D) co-existence.

I am very lazy at downloading photos. Most of the time I get hubby to do it for me. Just haven't had the time yet. :D

i will! promise!

photos soon!

Hi! thanks for dropping by!
i've always enjoyed going to weddings. this is the first time though, that the person getting married is very close to me. hence, the tears. :D

no prob! and hey, when's grundir coming back?

i had a great time doing that southpark thingie, let me tell you!