Friday, January 18, 2008

I took a short trip to the bookstore today and was followed by a group of kids (around 5 or 6) with their nannies. One of them was crying while the others were chattering to each other.

So I was browsing through the "Fresh from the Box" section when they came in, and this little old lady (a foreigner) suddenly exclaimed, "You shouldn't be bringing children in here!".

Frankly, I was surprised at her outburst. Since when are children not allowed in a public bookstore???!!!! Especially a bookstore that has a huge and delightful children's section with tiny tables and chairs to play and browse in???

Crabby old lady. She didn't stop muttering to herself as she walked further into the store. It kind of upset me a little -- enough to contemplate actually going up to her to tell her to go to a bar where she will definitely NOT encounter any kids. Hmmpppff!

Anyway, here's what I got:

1. The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets. Because I really need to lose weight. And because I hate reading traditional diet books. Who am I kidding??? I'll probably read it with a bag of Doritos right next to me. And chocolate.

2. 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. For dreaming about getting away from it all.

3. Samantha James CD. Because I like her music.
Anybody see Bee Movie yet? Thinking about bringing the kids to see it this weekend. If I can still function after the "Daddylympics" at school tomorrow afternoon. I um, tend to get very excited and worked up about games and stuff.


Pacha said...

We may go and see Bee movie this weekend too. Seems OK.

Ohhh and good luck with the Daddylympics at school and WIN WIN WIN Menchie!

That lady was nasty. I think the kids and the nanny should follow her around forever (even into a bar)...So rude! But don't let her get to you. She obviously isn't very happy.

I went to a bookshop today (with D but no crabby lady) *sigh* it was enough to make my week. Although I only came away with a CD for Gon ... THIS TIME!

Stace said...

There are so many crabby people out there! You should have told her to take a chill pill. If she wants peace and quiet she should stay home and lock herself in the bathroom, rather than venturing out in public!

My mother gave me a $50 voucher for a book store for Christmas... needless to say, I've spent it already. Although I haven't yet spent the one she gave to Aidan...!

Within Without said...

I heard the Bee Movie was OK, but not great, Mench.

I think you showed great restraint with -- well, let's be honest -- that old bag.

Enjoy what you like doing, and read well.

Ekta said...

1000 place to see...hmm sounds interesting...guess need to get my hands on this one!

Keshi said...

Menchie atleast she didn't use the F word on ya. Once I was at the PO and asked this old guy where the Post Box was...he started swearing at me and I was so very shocked. He turned out to be a mentally ill man. Thank God for that or I'd hv dragged him to the Police.

Enjoy ur books!


SabineM said...

I have the book 1,000 places to see before you die! I check them off! ;-)

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

OMG, Your blog is sooo cute ;-)