Thursday, August 16, 2007

Me being a Baby

Hokay. Knee taken care of. Still feeling a bit tender but nothing to complain about. Don't look if you're squeamish. Have I mentioned how I HATE needles?

We went through several stops and starts before the doctor was finally able to stick the needle in. I kept yelling, "wait, wait, wait!" every time he was about to start. It wasn't too terrible, really. Just a sting from the humongous needle and pressure once it was in. Still, I hummed, drummed my fingers on my chest, clutched the hubby's fingers and blurting out an occasional OW! when the pressure got a bit too much.

The hubby refused to look. I tell him to take a picture. Now???!!!, he says. No, in the middle of it, and only if I'm not screaming in pain, I said.

So I obviously was not screaming when he took this...

Anyway, knee feels loads better though now I can feel the injury. Nothing broken showed up in the xray so now I'm thinking, what am I going to do about it?

Acupuncture? (Gaahhh! more needles! Noooooooooo!)


Keshi said...

Im glad u rok Menchie.

leave aside that needle, should i say u have SEXY LEGS! WOOHOO! Keshi Wolf!

I hate needles so much that one doc had to run behind me in his surgery.


Menchie said...


you are a minx. although, *whisper* I think my hubby likes them too!

I just realized this post could pass for Half Naked Thursday! HAR HAR HAR!

Keshi said...

Well I sure think it's a superb HNT!! Menchie thats a good one :)


Marie said...

I'm pleased that your knee feels better now and that nothing's broken.

Dan said...

Oh go on! I can look. I'm not afraid of looking at needles ... uh ... they ... ummmmmm ... feeling a bit dizzy ... I ... I ...

[thump ... head comes smashing down on keyboard]

SabineM said...

Acupuncture is nothing compared to that photo! ;-)

Pacha said...

I hope it wasn't as painful as it looks!
Anyway, glad the knee is on the way to being cured and the needle soon to become a distant memory!

Menchie said...

maybe the only HNT I'll ever do! :D

thanks! Though can't go back to boxing yet.

Dan! *slapping face* Dan!!!! *sprinkles water* waaaaake up!

am not sure about that...doesn't it require a LOT of needles?? Not just one?

Not as painful as the steroid shots they gave me for Joshua's lungs (in anticipation of a premature delivery) but really, really uncomfortable.

Maria said...

glad to hear your knee feels a lot better!

so it's needles and chickens, huh!!! now i know what's on your christmas wish list! gotcha!

- meanie m.e. (j/k! wait for my email... k?)

Keshi said...

lolz cmon...u should be doing more..really! u've got stuff to flaunt hunny.


Ces said...

What is that doctor doing with a basting syringe and needle to your knee? Ouch!

Ces said...

Mench send me an email with your snail mail address. Do you think the P.I. post office will not steal the package and deliver the calendars safely or will I have to send it by DHL?

SabineM said...

yes Lots of little needles. But none as big as the one on your picture!
It really isn't that. WOrth the try if you need it! I cured bad headaches/migraines with Acupuncture and just last year, after many sessions combined with a chiropractor, my lower back pains that I had FOR years disappeared.

spentrails said...

Yikes that does look painful. Glad it's not broken. May you have a speedy recovery to the fullness of health.

homo escapeons said...

I know what that feels like. I had cellulitis and my knee swelled up. The doc at the emerg was actually someone that I knew and my sister and her friend were the attending nurses..didn't help.

He plunged this huge needle under my kneecap and wiggled it around to get a sample of fluid...twice!
I have not felt pain like that since I had my bunyuns removed. Local schmocal I felt every inch of that frickin' needle!

I'm glad that nothing is broken but you have ALL of my sympathy!

Stace said...

I'm weird with needles. I can't watch anybody else get injected, either in reality or on TV or whatever. But I have no problem with getting injected myself, or giving blood - I watch the needle go in and I'm fine. Odd.

Aidan said...

Glad your ok menchie.... Take it a bit easy on the poor knee, give it a good chance to recover.

Take care out there


SabineM said...

how is the knee feeling lately?
Is it still dark, gloomy and raining?

Menchie said...

where is the email??? I'm dying to hear news!

*grin* we'll see!

He got a LOT of fluid from my knee.
Will send you email.:D

I agree with acupuncture in principle -- it's just the thought of the needles coming near my vicinity that freaks me out!

The knee is painful again, and a little bit swollen. now I'm afraid that surgery might be needed. *shudder*

The typhoon is easing up, I actually saw the sun today. :D

thank you! and thanks for dropping by!

God! The wiggling! That's exactly how it felt! I HATED it!

Now it's painful again. Drat!

I can't stand seeing needles being stuck on other people too. Especially my babies. You're so brave.

Might be a bit too late for that. It hurts again.

Within Without said...


Hate to say it, but I had that needle procedure done many times to drain fluid buildup from my knee.

I had so much fluid in there it felt like an inflated balloon and I could hear a swishing sound.

What do I know, but sounds to me the problem is with cartilage or ligaments, not bones.


Best of luck with it...


J@n!ce said...

Mench, this is my first time here. What happened to your leg? I hope you are getting better. It sure doesn't look too comfortable with the needle there. Take care :)

Janice Ng