Monday, August 20, 2007

I lost something...

My wallet was stolen yesterday. *Grrrrrrrr!*

We were having lunch and the hubby and I were busy feeding the kids and talking. My bag was on the seat next to me. When I looked over I saw it was wide open and my wallet was missing.

I lost quite an amount of cash. My driver's license, ATM card, social security card (which is soooooo inconvenient to get) , a lot of my discount cards, and family pictures (which i regret losing most of all). It's a good thing I keep my credit cards in a different purse.

What's funny is that I passed on buying two pairs of shoes which I really, really liked. I told myself I'd think about it some more so I left the store to meet the hubby and kids at the restaurant. I should've bought the shoes. That way that thief would have gotten very little cash and I would've had two pairs of shoes. (My dad laughed when I said that, wonder why??).

Needless to say, I was bummed out the rest of the day. And the three day weekend had started so well. I feel so my whole life is being dissected by a complete stranger. It was one of those big wallets where you can put a lot of things.

To the person who has my wallet....can i have the pictures back please???? Pretty please???

UPDATE: (About 5 minutes after I posted this)

Well what do you know? After I posted this, I checked my cellphone and there was an SMS that said my wallet was surrendered to Customer Service by a janitor at a different mall from where I lost it.

I called the number and everything was intact. Except the cash, of course.

I remembered that Joshua prayed that my wallet be found right after I lost it.

Still wish I bought the shoes, though...


Pacha said...

Oh! That is so good you got the wallet back and I COMPLETELY understand the logic behind buying the shoes/less money to steal. When in doubt BUY because you never know when your wallet will be nicked!

-Princess Shin- said...

Aww.. I'm so sorry about it! But thank goodness you got all your other stuff back! Though I totally agree with you on buying the shoes though! It's just one of those things!

I drop my USD100 dollars Guess sunglass when I was on the beach yesterday! I was just standing near the shore when this big wave came to me and I was shove underneath the water and that was the end of my sunglass! I'm totally heartbroken! >.<

SabineM said...

that is a bummer. But at least you got it back!
You should have bought the shoes! ;-)

Marie said...

Sorry you had to go through all that. But it's great that you got it back.

Aidan said...

Good to hear you got it back....

It is pain in the butt, going through the list and cancelling cards, and drivers licence.... Glad you got it back

You can have a pair of my work boots if that would make you feel better?
Size 9 Blundstone, mostly brown leather, smells slightly like feet.

Within Without said...

Menchie, the first word I thought of before you mentioned it was "violated."

I know exactly how you feel...I had the same ugly feeling when someone broke into my house.

It's awful, and I'm sorry you were victimized. At least you got most of it back, minus the cash!

Menchie said...

I'm getting the wallet back today.
and the shoes were sooooo gorgeous too! Red patent leather stilletos!

Yeah, applying for a new license and Social security card would've been such a hassle!
Too bad about your sunglasses. My husband lost his wedding ring on the beach on our honeymoon and never found it. he looked for it for an hour.

I know. am still kicking myself for not buying the shoes.

yes, i'm really glad to get all the pictures back. they're mostly ID pictures of the kids and I have no more copies of them.

it's a good thing I had my credit cards in a different wallet. so i only had to call the bank to freeze my atm card. i only have my discount cards in my wallet.

i'm a size 9 too but I think your shoes might still be too big for me. I'll have to pass. :D

it creeps me out to think that a stranger has gone through my stuff -- I couldn't stop thinking about it. although, it's probably worse to have your house broken in.

im just glad to have my stuff returned.

Keshi said...

**like my whole life is being dissected by a complete stranger.

yes it happens quite OFTEN, in the form of a lost wallet or not.

Im glad u found it Menchie..especially the pics!

Yes u should hv bought those shoes...thats why I buy wutever I like these days...

Anyways u can always buy em later :)

And to the person who stole ur money: YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A LOSER!


Laurie said...

I'm so glad you got your photos and personal things back. Sorry you felt violated. That is exactly the way I felt in Denver when my car was broken into.

Many hugs, honey.


Menchie said...

just got my wallet back this lunchtime. and my gosh, when i took a look at what was in there, well, let's just say that whoever went through it knows a whole lot about me.

it gives me the creeps.

i remember reading about that incident in your blog. it's such a terrible feeling.

The New Parent said...

Hi M--great story with a happy ending (except the cash)! As I was reading your post I was hoping it would be found.

Glad it was.

Diesel said...

LOL about the shoes. Glad you got it back. The worst part about losing a wallet is replacing all the crap in it. Well, unless you have a lot more money than I do, which could very well be.

Keshi said...

duncha worry...Im sure the loser only wanted the cash.


kj said...

life lesson from menchie:


Menchie said...

Yes it was. Getting a new license is so inconvenient. am glad i don't have to go through it.

the thief was considerate enough not to touch anything but the money so i didn't have to replace anything.

seriously doubt if i have more money than you, mister am-selling-my-book-and-building-a-gorgeous-house.

and he got it too. *grumble*


Ablo said...

hi menchie bradshaw

at least everything (except the cash which the thief, resorting to such low device, probably needed more than you did) got returned back.

think on the bright side, at least you will have a more stunning, newer, posher, better coiffed, more stylish you in your next license pic.

:-) PDC

Keshi said...



Dan said...

Well I'm glad about that update. At least you got your photos back right? I wonder if the thief bought some nice pumps with that cash? :)

Menchie said...

alas, no new picture since i got the license back. it's good till next year.

carrie's got a few shoes more than me, I think. *wink* internet quiz says I'm more of a Charlotte - with a shoe fetish.

yeah, my precious photos are back and I'm really glad.

and really sorry I missed out on red patent leather stilletos.

Ces said...

You are very lucky you only lost the cash. That janitor was an honest man.

Caroline said...

oh honey. Never ever ever don't buy shoes again! Think positives - your wallet and the photos returned.

J@n!ce said...

Luckily you still managed to get your wallet back but not the cash. It is a relieved to have the all the cards back. It would be a hassle to cancel the credit cards & re-apply again. :)

Janice Ng