Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Back for more Torture

Last weekend at the video arcade I got distracted by this game where bulldogs come out of a hole and you hit them with a hammer to score a point. Faith was too small to play so I had a go at it. And then another one. At which point while I was determinedly wielding the hammer with two hands and hitting the dogs with all my strength, my husband sauntered over and remarked, "I wonder who you're thinking of?" Honestly? No one. It just felt so good to hit something.

Which is probably the reason why I loved my boxing session last Monday night. It was around 6:30 by the time I was changed and the trainer (a short, rotund Visayan guy who insisted I called him Ferrer) wrapped my hands and put on whatever they called those mitts that you have to hit. And then I was in stress release heaven. This is what I've been looking for. Nothing I have tried before matches the sheer physicality of boxing. My mind was blank except for listening to Ferrer's instructions...jab, hook, straight...again...and again. He kept asking me if I was alright since he knows it's my first time. And I just kept nodding...the three minute intervals between rounds with 30 seconds of rest and a drink of water was ok. For the first half hour, at least.

The next half hour was spent rotating among the different boxing equipment. My arms already felt like lead, then he handed me a skipping rope. I was utterly conscious of the fact that I couldn't do the boxer type skipping rope thingie. So I skipped rope like a little girl does which was the only thing I knew. Hey, at least I knew how to skip rope, right? I couldn't look at myself in the mirror for fear of laughing hysterically at how ridiculous I looked while skipping. I had to stop at intervals to catch my was hot and I felt like I had sweat buckets.

It was during the mat work (for abs) that I thought I was going to die. Really. There were crunches while doing the bicycle with your legs, crunches for the obliques and about five other different types of ab related torture designed to wring the last vestiges of strength and energy you have. When we finally finished off with stretches, I didn't think I could drive the car to pick up the hubby. I had to sit down for 10 minutes because I was sure I was going to throw up.

So it's two days after the torture, my whole body still hurts and I can't even put on my bra without wincing. I have no idea how I can even do the rudiments but guess what?

I am going back there tonight.


Graffiti said...

Well that sounds like a lot of fun.

But really I like that too.

To do something really physical and the next day you feel the muscles ache.

Yee Haww


Menchie said...


well i'm home already...fresh from boxing. which wasn't too least i didn't feel like throwing up at the end. achy muscles but not as much as the first day. feels great, actually. :D

Lulu (Dan's cat) said...

My dad would say that if you can't even put on your bra without feeling pain, then go bra-less. But that's my dad. He has a one-track mind. So do I. But it involves tomcats.

purrrr ....

Menchie said...

You've got a naughty dad. :P
Besides, a particular tomcat would mind very much if i went bra-less. Probably not a good look for the office.

Stace said...

Sounds awful and wonderful at the same time. You're making me want to start!!!

Menchie said...

Ooooh! Go girl! Then let me know how it goes. :D

Within Without said...

So I guess we'd better not get you mad, huh? (In Canadian, that would be, "Eh?)

Good on you, Menchie. That sounds like a tough workout, for sure.

Muscle aches and pain to the point of almost vomiting...but you did it, Girl! And now you've done it twice!

As far as the bra goes, I can sympathize but not empathize...oh, never mind.

Ces said...

If you can get up after sitting on the pot after a few days of exercise, you are doing fine. Keep on doing it sister. Who knows? I may see you in Las Vegas and betting big bucks on you.

Menchie said...

Oh yeah. My trainer tells me I punch really hard...for a girl.

I don't know about Las husband recently commented that I should be careful about being more muscular than him!

Keshi said...

Sounds like u've been bitten by the fitness bug and that is GOOD news. Good on ya and keep doing it babez. U'll be fit n in shape in no time.


Menchie said...

I wish my single girlfriends would join me. Last night, I was the only girl working out and the guys were working without their shirts on!

They would have had a field day!

Marie said...

Good on you, Menchie. It sounds like hard work and I think I would have given up straight away.

Keep at it.

Hildegarde said...

You're incredible! (and to be honest I don't understand this, it seems such a contradiction, but hey all right, I'll read your reports untill I get a better idea of it)

-Princess Shin- said...

Somebody is gonna have a perfect body! =)

Where are u taking the classes anyway? is it expensive?

Menchie said...

Oh I don't think you would - not if you're having as much fun as I am!

I actually find it easier to maintain than going to the gym to work out on machines. :D

We'll see -- *whisper* I actually really want to win our office bet. LOL!

I go to a place which is about a short minute drive from my office. Totally not expensive -- membership is a thousand pesos and then you just pay 200 pesos for every session you attend. So I don't have to pay if I don't show up which works for me.

kj said...

i am totally impressed. i have to say i think i would enjoy this kind of a workout--at least the punching part. and i could easily imagine a face or two to keep me going.

i'll be following your progress and thoughts on all of this, menchie.


Menchie said...

i think you would really enjoy this. After my second time, it gets easier on the muscles -- I don't hurt as much! Am going in tonight again -- planning on making this a 3x a week thing. :D

Keshi said...

**and the guys were working without their shirts on

can I join u? :)


Menchie said...

come on over! would be good to mess up their concentration a bit! LOL!

Aidan said...

That is great menchie keep up the good work, you are going to have ABs like PInk at this rate...

"I was the only girl working out and the guys were working without their shirts on! " the truth comes out... Well i suppose its easy to train when the um , hrmm, scenary is good:)

Menchie said...

scenery?? what scenery? *cough* *cough*
i really don't know what you're talking about..... :P