Monday, April 30, 2007

There. I've done it.

I bought the boxing gloves last weekend. Which means I now have to totally commit to my decision to take up boxing. No more excuses. I've decided the time has come to finally get my act together and win the get fit and lose the rest of the weight battle that has been plaguing me for the last five years since giving birth to my first child.

Yes, I am a bit vain. I'm not grossly overweight or anything and I think I have quite a healthy self image. I was the proverbial 90 pound skinny girl in college and for most of my single life and spent that time desperately trying to gain weight. I burned up the calories faster than I could eat up all the "sinigang" and rice and chocolate my 5 ft 1 inch frame could manage.

Ten years and two babies later, said metabolism has slowed down to the point where I wonder if I still have it. What freaking metabolism????!!!!!! It's gone, I tell ya. Completely gone. Which leads me to thinking about what possible activity I can get into without sufficiently losing steam after the first month.

So...walking. I already do a lot of that, and nope, not working fast enough. I'd enjoy biking but I have a terrible phobia of being chased by neighborhood dogs (there are NO such things as dog pounds over in my corner of the world). Besides, mountain and racer bikes are way too high for me and I am also deathly scared of having to brake and falling sideways when I can't reach the ground sufficiently. Gym? I hate going to the gym. I hate going to those posh places where women wear make-up and wear nice clothes just to sweat a little. Besides, working out on a machine is intensely boring. I've still got a year's worth of gym membership I don't use simply because I can't be bothered.

I have all the motivation to start this year. First, I'm not getting any younger and I know it pays to be physically fit of only to keep up with my hyperactive children without my tongue hanging out from chasing after them. Second, I have an important event in January that I need to look good for and third, my co-workers and I have a bet going where the biggest loser (as a percent of total body weight) wins the pot.

And perhaps the most important reason...I'm sick to death of dieting. There is no possible way I can cut out a whole food group from my diet for the rest of my natural life. And chocolate. I loooove chocolate. It keeps me sane. And between my sanity and my weight...well, no contest there.

So I'm taking up boxing. Starting today, in fact. In a place where boxers like Manny Pacquaio train. All the equipment but none of the posh. Heck, it's not even air conditioned.



Keshi said...

Good on ya Menchie! I dun and just cant diet...never have. Cos we live only one life and I dun wanna deprive myself of good n yummy food. At the same time I dun eat junk food all the time..I do eat em but only very occassionally.

Exercise is the only thing that have kept me in shape.

Good luck and have fun!

Menchie said...

thanks sweetie, we'll see how i fare tonight. i hope i don't pass out! that would be too embarrassing!

Aidan said...

Dont stress too much about your weight... enjoy your sport, and it will happen naturaly..

Eat sensible meals, enjoy your chocolate but dont over indulge, it comes down to a balanced diet, and the laws of thermodynamics.

Good luck.

**ROcky theme song playing in the background***

Menchie said...

stress is making me GAIN weight. darn it!
here's hoping the physical activity will distract me from work and mommy related stress.
My dad cooks the best meals -- that's half the problem, really. I have no willpower when it comes to his cooking.

Ces said...

Are you serious? Manny Paqiao?, did I spell that right? Aren't those Pinoy guys going to be distracted by a charming and pretty woman in that sweat box? Menchie, I tell you - I loved boxing. We have sets of boxing gloves and my son and his friends now use them. I loved boxing because I found the boxing shorts way too sexy and attractive (yes very vain too) I had Everlast shorts in black and wore a white tank top and a Victoria Secret bra that provided no support at all. Needless to say, I really was not overweight then but I loved sparring in New Jersey with my girlfriends whom I ended up lounging with in front of the tv eating more food. Your's is more serious. You go girlfriend!

By the way, I saw your photograph and there is no way you could have altered that image to make you look that svelte!

Marie said...

Menchie, eating a balanced diet and exercise is the best way to lose weight. And there's nothing wrong with eating a bit of chocolate. I can't live without it either, but I do try to eat healthy meals. My other problem is wine but I try to drink moderately.

Good luck!

Stace said...

Way to go! There's a kick-boxing place near where I live, and I keep saying I should take it up or something something similar - something to work on fitness, co-ordination, all that jazz - but it never seems to happen... maybe once I start my part-time job next week, I might have more of that "spare time" I hear so much about! Then I might actually do it.

Menchie said...

OMG! You are so daring! LOL! A white tank and victoria's secret bra with no support -- winner!

I loved boxing last night! It was a sweat box but threally need a ere were a around five other women who were also boxing.

I really try to eat a balanced diet but the carbs are killing me. Plus, Filipino cooking isn't really geared for losing weight -- rice is a staple food even for breakfast and the viands are usually cooked with sauces. I really need a physical activity to counter the food so I won't have to deprive myself too much. :D

I've tried taebo before and I loved it! I'd say go for the kickboxing -- I can tell ya, last night when I was boxing, it felt fabulous!

Within Without said...

Good on you girl...although you're what, maybe two pounds beyond what you want to be?

Just keep that beautiful face protected...and don't punch me out if I say anything TOO stupid.

Keshi said...

how dija go?


kj said...

yay menchie. i wouldn't have guessed, but what a fun interesting choice. punch. pow. slam.


Menchie said...

2 pounds? I wish! More like 10 pounds -- and the way I felt after the workout last night really brought the fact that I am so out of shape home.

OMG, the first half hour was so great. Call me violent but punching my trainer (he had pads on his hands) felt soooo good!

Of course, after an hour, I felt like I was gonna die. LOL!

I've found my dream activity. not only does it make me sweat buckets, but it's a great choice to let off steam.

-Princess Shin- said...

Oooh... Boxing is mighty interesting. I always wanted to try it but kinda felt that it was a bit too rough for me!

Tried belly dancing before? heard it's fantastic! =)

Homo Escapeons said...

The new craze is total weight training ZERO aerobics! All you do is build muscle, build muscle and build more muscle!!

Finally something that is realistic and easier to manage than denying yourself the simple pleasures in life, like food.

Knock 'Em Out Kid!!

Keshi said...

know that feeling LOL!


Menchie said...

It's not rough at all! You don't spar until after you've gone through a couple of sessions. Other than that, you just work with a trainer and the equipment.

Ugh, I hate weight training -- I find it really boring. At least with boxing i can see myself really sticking to it without paying an arm and a leg for gym membership too!

I'm going back tonight for some more punishment! he he he