Friday, April 20, 2007

Number 100

Yes, I know it's been a while since my last post. I've been a bad blogger. It's been a crazy two weeks on the homefront -- but what's weird is I can't really pinpoint the reason why I didn't seem to have enough time for everything.

But it's my 100th post, and I had to think carefully about my subject. So I decided to write about someone who's mostly been in the background here in my blog. You'll notice I usually write about the children and me and lately, *ahem* gerard butler (or whoever takes my fancy) but rarely about the most important person in my life.

He's a bit quiet, you see and a private person so I am usually careful about what I share here. He just celebrated his birthday last week so I figured it's about time you get to know him. He's the one who puts up with me because he has no choice (LOL!). Yeah, the one who put a ring on my finger.

Not to be overly mushy or anything, but I know it's rare to find someone who is your perfect counterpart. He is the quiet to my rambunctiousness (where do you think my kids got it, huh?), the calm to my temper (especially when I'm driving) and just the overall good guy in the family. My sisters adore him and often seeks his advice when it comes to matters that need a guy's opinion (or when they don't want to listen to me *hmp!*). In fact, when we have one of our rare fights, they always assume it's my fault (even if it isn't!!!...grrr).

He can't sleep without me (that's why he hates it when I travel) and he used to make and feed me my breakfast while I was exhaustedly feeding the infant Joshua after another endless sleepless night. I make the grossest faces and he still finds it really cute. Aaand, he thinks I'm gorgeous first thing in the morning (isn't he the perfect hubby??!!). He loves me when I'm good and adores me when I'm bad.

I know I'm extremely blessed to find a guy like him and I thank my lucky stars every single day.


kj said...

aawwww, menchie. this is very very good! what a sweet tribute. i think there should be a club for couples who by chance or effort have found their true partners in life, because not every one ends up that fortunate. i've always considered myself very blessed for that reason. keep adoring this guy of yours! he is obviously a doll.

Menchie said...

you said it kj. :D I'm not letting this one go.

Marie said...

Lovely post, Menchie. Your husband does sound fantastic.

Menchie said...

he is. :P

Aidan said...

Being in love, aint it grand:)

Within Without said...

The strong and silent type, but so much more, it sounds like, Mench.

Making you breakfast, not being able to sleep when you're away, your sisters siding with him...

I'd say it sounds like a beautiful match, girl. Congratulations and all the best to you both.

Stace said...

Sounds like you're almost as lucky as me!!! haha I know what you mean - Aidan thinks I'm at my most beautiful when I've just woken up: hair everywhere, eyes puffy, yuck yuck yuck!!! He loves it. Aren't guys sweet? :)

Menchie said...

the grandest thing, ever! :P

Thank you. Most importantly, he makes me laugh too. :P

I never could understand it either. I hate how I look in the morning too but he loves it. It's both sweet and weird!

Ces said...

Oh Mench! This is so sweet. What a neat guy and you both deserve each other, two wonderful people!

Menchie said...

I don't know if I deserve him or not but I'm certainly keeping him! LOL!

Caroline said...

oh he's a sweetie x

And does he look like Gerard ...


Menchie said...

LOL! I don't know...sometimes...HA HA HA!!!!

Keshi said...

Happy 100th Menchie!

aww how lucky r ya to find ur perfect man. thats cos u deserve the best Menchie.

** it's rare to find someone who is your perfect counterpart

it's not even rare in my case. It's totally EXTINCT. lol!


Menchie said...

Thanks! And don't fret, I met him when I was 26-27.

Whoever your perfect guy is, he's worth waiting for. :P

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Ms. Val said...

In fact, when we have one of our rare fights, they always assume it's my fault (even if it isn't!!!...grrr).

OMG, that's how my family is with my husband!!!!!! It's ALWAYS my fault even when it's my fault!

Honestly, Menchie, I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Menchie said...

Hey David,
pretty important day for Portugal then. :D

Ms. Val,
Doesn't it make you want to scream when that happens????

Cazzie!!! said...

I doubt very much you would be bad at any time, but I am wrapped you have found that you lovw your man very much and he loves you. I am the same with my husband, my heart flutters :)

Menchie said...

there seems to be a lot of us lucky women. :D

Dan said...

Menchie, this is a totally sweet post. Hugs to you for this. And congratulations on your 100th posting!

Laurie said...

He sounds like a sweetheart, but of course that is what you deserve. Congratulations on your 100th post!

Menchie said...

Hey Dan! Thanks!

He's a sweetheart alright -- and most people assume I'm the grump!

Keshi said...



-Princess Shin- said...

Oh menchie.. That's so sweet! =) Happy Birthday to Mr.Menchie too!