Sunday, March 25, 2007

Moving up and growing up

Here are some shots taken during Joshua's moving up day in school. Here he is all dressed up in their High School Musical number.

They all had to change for the actual ceremony where they get their names called and get a "diploma". This is my favorite picture with his best friend Chloe.

I was looking at the pictures and thinking to myself, how could this little boy have possibly come from me? He's grown up so much from the tiny tiny baby that burrowed inside my hospital gown.

I'd sometimes like to freeze a specific moment in time and just hold it in my hand so I can take my fill of looking.


Marie said...

So sweet. Thanks for sharing with us, Menchie.

If only we could freeze a specific moment in time and hold it in our hand. But I suppose that's what we do with photographs really.

Laurie said...

He is a very handsome young man.

It would be wonderful to freeze things, if just for a moment. Time moves so quickly...

Maria said...

joshua is so adorable and handsome. yes menchie, this little boy came from you and Jun, that's why he is so wonderful, adorable, handsome, etc. etc.

Ces said...

Okay, this officialy makes your children the cutest little boy and girl in Blogworld.

You must be very proud and I won't be surprised if you shed a tear of joy.


david santos said...

Thank,s for you work and have a good week

Stace said...

He's adorable, you must be so proud!

Aidan said...

Its amazing how fast time goes, and how quickly things slip through your grasp, take stock of how amazing this moment is in life....

looks like a fun day:)
Wish i was a kid again

Menchie said...

I agree about the photographs, except at this digital age, we don't even take the time to print things. I don't like it that much except for the convenience.

thank you! :D

I think he is but then again, I am biased. LOL!

Aw, thanks! I am sooooo proud of him!!!

thank you. you have a good week too!

thanks sweetie!

i wish it were slower sometimes. i still have trouble accepting the transition from bottle to totally independent and toilet trained little boy.

Keshi said...

OMG Josh is soooo cute!!


Keshi said...

OMG Josh is soooo cute!!


kj said...

mench, josh is an absolute doll. i agree with ces: your children win the blog dolls of the decade award hands down.

really, i am looking at your favorite picture and i can't believe how cute he is!!!

Menchie said...

thanks sweetie!

LOL! Thanks! Sometimes I look at them and wonder how in the world we could've produced such a good looking pair of kids. OMG! I am so bragging!

-Princess Shin- said...

Oooh.. he looks so cool! Did you dress him up?

I like him best with his little mini tuxedo! Hehe!

Caroline said...

You've captured a moment. Promise me that you'll never delete your blog ... ever.


Menchie said...


Yeah I did! :D I love it too when he's all dressed up like his dad.

no chance of that happening. am enjoying this too much!

Hildegarde said...

Yes, your favourite one certainly is a gem ! and a very happy moment to remember. You have a gorgious little son !

Hildegarde said...

gorgeous with an e ;-) (good that this isn't a spell test)

Menchie said...

thank you!! it was a very happy moment though i wish i had better picture taking skills such as yours!

Keshi said...

hows the Butler dreams goin?


Menchie said...

*sigh* still dreaming, am afraid. I've seen 300 twice and i have a copy of the graphic novel already (which is totally awesome) but am still not over it. i've got it bad girl. :P

Within Without said...

What a beautiful son, Menchie. And fantastic pix.

I think I know what you mean, but I don't think it should be any surprise that such a gorgeous child would emerge from you.

Thanks for sharing this intimate family moment.


Menchie said...

thanks. but you know what I mean right? I think every parent thinks that at one time or another.

Jay said...

Great pictures.
I'm sure it was a proud moment for you...but I have this funny feeling that he's going to keep on growing so you better get used to it. :)

Menchie said...

i know! Half of me can't wait for him to grow up and the other half wants him to stay a baby.

Dan said...

Menchie, what a cute kid! And ask yourself, how did you come out of your mother? And so on! And, in fact, our memories are frozen snippets of time. Cherish them!

Menchie said...

Hey Dan!
Yes, memories are frozen snippets of time but sometimes the edges get blurred. :-)

Keshi said...

we better join anti-buttler rehab then...both of us.


Menchie said...

noooooooo! i don't want to get over him!!!

saw an item about him and Naomi Campbell earlier...what the heck??? why? why? why?

Within Without said...

Of course I know what you mean, and it's a beautiful thing that you's the fibre of what makes great moms and dads great moms and dads.

All you can do is what you're doing...have that loving longing for Josh to stay as he is, but understand that he can't.

And that as he grows into a strapping young lad, that you have been everything to him.