Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bye for now!

I'm all done and I've got the day off tomorrow!!!!!

It's my son's moving up day and I've taken the rest of the day off. First to attend the moving up program, of course. The whole class will be performing and guess what they'll do?? (Caroline, I hope you read this) They're doing High School Musical. Yep. With costumes and all! I have a feeling I will have to hold on to Faith tightly because she might run on stage and perform along with her brother. And while that would be sooo cute, it might also be a bit embarrassing if she causes a glitch in the programme.

Oh, and Joshua's going to do the Closing Remarks. And he's got it all memorized too *sniff* am so proud of him! It's his big day tomorrow and I can't wait!

Then, I'm off with the hubby to see Frank Miller's 300. *yippee!!* Blood and gore and half naked men...whoops...I mean, um, the historical significance of the film is really interesting for me. Really. *ahem*

Three whole days with the kids and the hubby with no work to do. A movie date. A ton of books to read. I hope your weekend's as good as mine's going to be.


Caroline said...

Oh oh oh oh oh!
Let faith go. Let her be free to express her creative desires ;-)

Have a great weekend.
'It's the start of something new ...'

Steven Novak said...

Enjoy the day off!!

(How could you not?) ;)


Hildegarde said...

Have fun !! And success for your son !

Aidan said...

300 men, looks pretty tacky, should be a good laugh though:)

Enjoy your weekend

Stace said...

Good luck to your son! I hope your little girl doesn't upset things too much, although I'm sure she'll be gorgeous no matter what :)

Menchie said...

Wait till you see the pics! josh was dressed just like Troy!

Steve and Hildegarde,
thanks! I hope you have a good weekend too!

back from seeing 300. My mouth is still hanging open. OMG. OMG. OMG. OMG.

He performed beautifully! We were all so proud of him. My daughter was content to sing along so everything went without a hitch. :D

kj said...

i am smiling from ear to ear for you menchie! i know from real life experience that your hands are too often too full with family and work and just juggling it all, so giving yourself these 3 days makes me terrifically (sp?) happy for you! indulge away.


Marie said...

Have a great weekend!

Laurie said...

Half naked men? I better check to see where it's playing here in Denver.

Congratulations to your son. How wonderful that he's doing the ceremony. They grow up so fast...

-Princess Shin- said...

Oooh.. sounds like the perfect weekend! You deserve it! =)

How old is little Joshua? Show some pictures!

Enjoy your weekend dear!

Menchie said...

am indulging!!! so far having a great time!

thanks, you too!

omg. omg. omg. you gotta see it! it is such a beautiful film.

josh is turning 5 in May. will post pictures. :D

Maria said...

mench -
how did the play go? where are the pictures? did you find the tie? sometimes, I don't know which one is funnier your blog posts or your labels! LOL!

whenever you get the chance, I posted something for you today to make your weekend extra special... really, mench, my intentions are good when i posted it. pwamis!

Menchie said...

will post pics tom - joshua did really well!!! and yes, we found his tie.

ikaw ha!!! saw your post! you're evil!!!

Ces said...

Josh is already in HIGH SCHOOL?

Menchie said...

LOL! No, he's only 5. They did song and dance numbers from the Disney movie "High School Musical". :D

Keshi said...

wow lucky ya!


Maria said...

Mench! (still laughing!)

You're wish is my command, I posted a "Random Guy" for you!:)


Menchie said...

have you seen 300??? i was in eye candy heaven!!!

teka nga, will check it out. it better be worth it!!!

Graffiti said...

Well it is Monday here now Menchie, so back to the working week.
Not heard of that movie
I am sure it will get here soon


Menchie said...

yup, back to the grind. if you liked the movie gladiator, then you'll like 300. a lot of movie trailers available in you tube.

Maria said...

hehe! i checked googled 300, tama ka IR ako sa aking litrato... but he's buffed, maybe not warrior-like still his arms gave a hint that he's buffed. I'll do better, it'll take a while though, summer time is when these men shed their shirts.

Helen said...

Have a wonderful weekend! I hope everything goes well.

Keshi said...

nah I havent seen 300 but now Im on my way to OWN a copy LOL!


Menchie said...

Hi Helen!
How was your weekend?

i now have a huge crush on Gerard Butler, the guy who plays King Leonidas in 300. I just found out he was the one who played the Phantom in the movie version of Phantom of the Opera. Am gonna get the dvd too!

Dan said...

Blood and gore and half naked men

Any half-naked (or even totally naked) women? Please let me know! :)

Menchie said...

Lena Headey - the one who plays the Queen, is gorgeous! Go see it!

Keshi said...

OMG is it? Then 300 is a must in my life cos I love the Phantom!


Menchie said...

I just bought the audio CD of Phantom (with Gerard Butler of course). I wanted to listen to his voice. I can't get enough!

Ces said...

I know how old you son is. I was just joking. Hahahaha!

Keshi said...

nah nah just audio wont do for me LOL!


Menchie said...


Menchie said...

oh please! i have been obsessed with viewing videos of Butler on the net. I so know what you mean -- but in the office that's all I can do -- listen to his voice. I so so so so have a really really really bad crush on him!

Keshi said...

Menchie thats too bad cos I have a crush on him too LOL!


Menchie said...

ok, we can share! :P

Keshi said...

I dun mind at all LOL!