Wednesday, February 14, 2007

V Day

This morning on the way to work, the radio station played romantic wedding songs. Delivery men with roses are everywhere. People are inundated with special offers from restaurants, coffee shops and hotels. Traffic today will be horrendous and I'm not surprised. After all, it's Valentine's Day.

Yes, it's commercialism at it's finest. And yes, I think that sometimes the meaning behind what is celebrated gets lost underneath all the hype. Quite a lot of people have said that expressing how you feel for someone shouldn't be limited to just one day. I agree with that a hundred percent.

However, this over hyped celebration does have it's uses. Because let's face it, being in a relationship is not always flowers and romance, sweet words and scented candles. And when you have children, the focus shifts a lot of the time. It's not wrong but it is the way it is. The love is always there but the sweeping and romantic gestures aren't.

So today, I am happy about the pink carnations I received from my husband. And I smile every time I remember what he wrote on the card. No big expensive candlelit dinner tonight and that is perfectly fine. Instead, we are celebrating the birthday of my grand aunt who was born 80 years ago today. She is unmarried and has chosen to spend her whole life with us. She has taken care of me and my sisters since I was four months old. We are celebrating our love for this tiny woman who is the kindest and gentlest person ever. What better way to celebrate?

But since it IS Valentine's Day, I changed my blog song today and it's for the love of my life. I think of you every time I hear this song and the lyrics say why...

"...i have you
a lover and a friend
you are everything i need
you are the sun
the air i breathe..."

Ok, enough mushiness. Time to go home.


Marie said...

What a lovely post, Menchie. Yes, we should celebrate all kinds of love on this special day. Your aunt sounds wonderful. Please wish her a Happy Birthday from me.

And a Happy Valentine's Day to you and your husband too!


Steven Novak said...


Actually, that was very cute.


Irene said...

Hooray for MUSH!!!

Hope you and Jun had a fabulously Happy Valentine's Day!

Homo Escapeons said...

Aww I want to hug your Aunt.
Children can certainly change the dynamics of a relationship..just remember that one day they will fly the coop and then the two of you will be in trouble if you have to start all over again...
easier said than done but you sound like you are pretty lucky so I am preaching to the choir.

Have a great mushy day!

kj said...

awww, this is a day to celebrate both your husband and your aunt. and you know that, menchie--which puts you way ahead of the game.

thanks for a nice read. when i was in high school and college, i can still remember the times i didn't get a valentine. so, today, i so appreciate that my #1 partner jb and a few special friends have given me valentines of one sort or another. hokey, yes, but also heart-felt.

happy valentine's day, mench!

Menchie said...

Thanks! And I will! Hope you had a good Valentine's Day!

*gasp!* Did you just say "cute"? I think I'm gonna have a heart attack. That muppet episode has made you soft, man!

I second that! Hope you and Allan had a good celebration last night! :D

I hate to think of my children ever flying the coop but you're right, of course. Hope you and your wife also had a great mushy day! *wink*

my whole family never goes out on valentine's day because of my aunt's bday. but my dad cooks dinner, my mom bakes a cake and we all bring our significant others to the house for dinner. it's like a giant group date and bday party in one.

i also remember all the times i never got anything for valentine's. i'm happy that you also got your share of valentines from the ones you love.

Keshi said...

OMG Im in romantic!

HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ! how nice that u received pink carnations.

The song is lovely Menchie!


Menchie said...

you are so sweet!

pink carnations are my favorite flowers. they smell so good and last more than a week if you put them in a vase.

don't you just love the song lyrics??!!

Dan said...

Mushiness is good!

Happy V Day Menchie! Since I believe every day should be V Day, I'm not late! :) Hugs and kisses.

-Princess Shin- said...

oh.. so sweet! your husband still knows how to be romantic! =) Lucky u.. hehe

Happy Valentine's Day!

Caroline said...

Wonderful mush.
I hope that you had a great day.
I've finished marking and am off to read my naked men.


Menchie said...

Thanks! :D

Yes, he does. Hope you had a good Valentine's day with Cody!

Oooooooh!!!! Share! Share! SHare!

Ms. Val said...

Menchie, your V Day sounds alot like ours. We stayed home, ordered Chinese takeout, and helped the boys with homework. Oh, and 2 dozen different colored roses were delivered...and I bought Q some baseball tickets that he would have never bought for himself.

Menchie said...

Ms. Val,
Sounds like you had a nice one too! You can never go wrong with Chinese take out and time with the ones you love!

Maria said...

pink carnations! that's sweet of Jun... that's your fave flower, right?

i agree expressing how you feel for your significant other shouldn't be limited to just one day. (do you hear me boom?)

mine was happy, too. no flowers though just a weekend celebration. at least this year it wasn't a "S.A.D." for me (S.A.D. = singles awareness day)

a belated happy V-DAY!

Menchie said...


Ha ha ha! At nagparinig pa kay Boom!

Yeah, carnations are my fave. Do you know that they are still beautiful till now? I'ts been 6 days. My sister's roses have wilted on day 2.

Here's to not being S.A.D.!