Sunday, February 11, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Just got back from my Shanghai sojourn. This was, by far, the most memorable visit I've had. And not just because of my first day fiasco. Previous trips have almost always been hurried -- get in, work all day, hit Shangyang market then dinner, usually at Xin Tian Di.

This time, I did Shanghai like a local. There was still work, but meals were taken at places frequented and raved about by locals. I became a temporary tea drinker (never touched the stuff before) and got exposed to barbequed duck tongue *shudder*, lotus flower pastry (yummy!), honey lemon tea freeze (divine!) and the most heavenly foot massage ever! Do not even think of going to China without having a foot massage. This is the best. Period.

Instead of flying back on Saturday, I opted to stay an extra day with a friend. I ditched the car and driver in favor of the Metro (their subway) and mostly walked to places. Friday night's agenda was a little shopping before dinner then the massage at 11:30 pm. I was surprised at how safe it is to walk around the city even after midnight. At 12:30am, it seemed that everyone was out having Chinese New Year celebrations before the official holidays start next week. We couldn't find a cab so we braved the cold and just walked back to the hotel. I couldn't imagine doing that in Manila.

The next day was spent just going around the city. We spent more than two hours at my friend's real estate agent's office closing her rental agreement. I had fun getting stuck with her landlord and his wife who, together with the agent, kept telling me I had beautiful eyes *bats eyelashes*. Only they were using sign language because we couldn't understand each other. I finally got it when she made big "Os" with her forefinger and thumb, then gave a thumbs up sign. It was really amusing. Now who wouldn't get a kick out of that??!!

My last night in Shanghai was spent at one of the hottest bars on the Bund with my friends. A singapore sling, a drink called "orgasm", a glass of white wine and two margaritas later, I was having the time of my life.

No wonder I had a dreadful headache on the plane.


Stace said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I envy you - it's been too long since I've been anywhere interesting, I want to get out into the world again! :)

Menchie said...

I had a wonderful time! I love traveling but I find I miss my family whenever I leave. I am planning to bring them to Australia (my cousins live in Sydney) possibly by next year.

kj said...

what a fun informative post! now i want to do exactly what you did!welcome back home. i hope you have relaxed from your trip and enjoyed your precious family.

it's always nice to visit your blog, menchie.

Menchie said...

last night in bed, my daughter turned to me, put her hand on my cheek and said, "I missed you mommy." My husband told me that she spent 10 minutes the night before I got home crying and asking where I was until she finally fell asleep on his lap. It is always difficult to leave - my excitement is tempered with a bit og guilt at enjoying myself while the kids miss me.

Marie said...

Welcome back, Menchie. That's so sweet about your daughter. Don't feel guilty though, you are entitled to enjoy yourself.

Keshi said...

WC Home Menchie ;-)

**A singapore sling, a drink called "orgasm", a glass of white wine and two margaritas later, I was having the time of my life.

ahemmm! A drink called orgasm?


Menchie said...

Thanks! It's good to be back home. I've got a bit of a sore throat though. Shanghai is beautiful but the pollution is really bad and most people smoked even inside the buildings. It really bothered me.

Oh, you gotta try it girl. It's a bit too strong for me but worth a try. :D

Maria said...

MARIA FELISA DEL-MUNDO VILLALUZ!!! I'm so dying with envy here. sniff, sniff... I had a good laugh reading the little mishap on the stairs, was he composed or did he scream like a girl?

Did you get to see Maroy and Lara? How are they?

Menchie said...

Oh he was composed but laughing like a maniac. Grabe talaga, it was soo funny!

I didn't see Maroy cause he was in Singapore and Lara's in Beijing. I would've wanted to visit with them too.

Aidan said...

BBQed duck tongue, with the exception of DAffy i have never seen a duck tongue... is it ok?

Dont tell my wife Stacy about the foot massage, ill never get her out of the country...

Sounds like a great night out too, i got drunk on rice wine in beijing, a group of us smuggled a couple of bottles out of the restaurant and drank it when the teachers were not loking.... MAJOR HEADACHE.... ahh the silliness of youth

Menchie said...

Unfortunately, I wasn't adventurous enough to try it.

Not fair not letting Stace know about the massage. I think she knows anyway. She made the first comment -- though she might have missed it. :D

Stace said...

Did not miss it :P

Keshi said...

Happy V-Day Menchie muuuuuu...MWAHHHHHHHHH!


Menchie said...


I knew it!!! LOL! Too bad for Aidan.

Awww thanks honey! Happy V-Day too!