Monday, February 05, 2007


Back home from a lunch date with old friends, I found my daughter still in the midst of her afternoon nap. I curled up next to her and just lay there for a while. Half an hour later, she opened her eyes, saw me beside her, smiled sweetly and said, "Tweet!"

I looked at my husband. "Did she just tweet?"
"Uh huh."

I looked at her again. She stretched. "Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!"
I love her. Bit of a weirdo, but I love her.

Ha! I just proved once again that what I said in my previous post is true. As evidenced by my conversation with the hubby last night.

While reading through a copy of Fortune magazine which featured the richest men in Australia and New Zealand he commented:

"Do you know that the richest man in Australia is only 39 years old?"
"Is he good looking?"
"I don't know."

I rest my case.


Caroline said...

And is he good looking???
Your daughter is adorable!

Menchie said...


Thanks! She certainly keeps things interesting.

And the guy? Ummm...not by my standards! LOL! :P

Dan said...

Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!

Sounds like your daughter's a little doll!

Steven Novak said...

Tweet. ;)


Aidan said...

are you missing a canary? might explain it... I cant wait to be a dad, (a few more years) but it is going to be great.

Menchie said...

Oh she definitely is.

Ha ha.

You and Stace are going to have so much fun (and sleepless nights!) when the time comes.

kj said...

i'm laughing outloud on both counts. and i may start "tweeting" myself. it sounds, well, wonderful.

always a pleasure, menchie.


Menchie said...

my daughter pretty much makes me laugh a lot too. :D

Keshi said...

LOL! Ok can u give me that Aussie's name and address...I wanna let him know that Im single.


Ces said...

always a sweet view of life in this little corner.

Marie said...

Sweet, tweet!

Ashley said...

What a little scamp!

Menchie said...

Oh I forgot his name! gotta ask the hubby. His profile says he's engaged. Figures!

Oh it is! Most of the time. :D


100% agree with you!

Keshi said...

engagements r easy to break. LOL!


Menchie said...

naughty girl! HA HA HA HA!!!!

Maria said...

like mother, like daughter! hahahaha!