Monday, February 19, 2007

Beach Weather!

Gee, and just like that, it's summer. It was hot this weekend. The kind of hot that's best tolerated if you're lounging around in a swimsuit with a cold drink and a good book in hand. Unfortunately, this kind of scenario isn't in my foreseeable future unless you count a kiddie wading pool in the yard with me immersed to my hips and being gleefully drenched by two hyperactive pre-schoolers. Which is a lot of fun, especially if I direct the drenching to people who make the mistake of walking too near.

I can pretty much predict what summer's going to be like. If we're not out of town, it'll be the kiddie wading pool on weekends or the mall to escape the scorching heat. I gotta start scouting for summer activities to keep the kids occupied during the week. I'm thinking tennis and theater for Joshua and swimming and/or ballet for Faith. Maybe they'll actually find something they'll want to stick with. Though I'm really hoping Josh will take a liking for tennis because his mommy's got visions of being in Paris for the French Open. Heh heh!

Speaking of distractions, the hubby and I saw Music and Lyrics yesterday. It's nothing spectacular but very entertaining. The opening 80's music video with Hugh Grant is hilarious! Not too bad if you've nothing better to do on a hot afternoon or trying to fill in the time before the really good movies come out. For instance, I can't wait for Transformers (yeah, I watched it and can even sing the theme song which impressed the heck out of Joshua!). I kind of had a crush on Optimus Prime. Hooookay, let's not get started...

I've got thirteen new books. Thirteen! Thirteen lovely, spanking new books that I don't have time to read. Bummer!


Aidan said...

I kind of had a crush on Optimus Prime.....
I had a crush on april from the ninja turtles:)

Steven Novak said...

The wife is trying very hard to convince me to see Music and Lyrics and I am trying very hard to stall until it's left theaters. :)


Keshi said...

Anyways Im a Summer girl no matter how hot it can get..I just hate Winter.

Music n Lyrics..I wanna see it...only cos Hugh Grant is in it :). I have a huge crush in that dude.


Menchie said...

Wasn't there a Ninja Turtles movie already?? I don't think I've seen it though.

Well, good luck avoiding the movie. Does Tami like Hugh Grant? Cause if she does, then I think you're gonna watch it whether you like it or not.

Well, summer's started here. It's just about to end where you are right?

Hugh Grant is hotter now that he's older. :D

Ces said...

Menchie, I thought it was always summer over there!

Menchie said...

it gets a bit cooler starting November. It gets cold in the morning until early February. Now it's just hot all the time.

Homo Escapeons said...

We just finished a horrible cold spell here in Central Canada so go ahead and tell me about Summer.
My daughters went to see that movie on the weekend and they loved the 80s stuff and said that it was a cute Rom/Com.

13 books???

Menchie said...

It is so hot here that I start to sweat right after getting out of the shower. And it's not even April yet.

Yeah, the 80's music video was the highlight of the movie. Couldn't stop laughing.

Almost became 14 books but I had to stop and slap myself silly. I don't even know where to put them anymore.

Caroline said...

I posted on here yesterday and now it's gone????? Beach weather? I'm confused. When is your summer?
13 new books ... heaven. I am waiting for an Amazon delivery of 4.
I love books.

Menchie said...

Well, that's Blogger for you.

I suppose the weather here gets kind of confusing. We only have two seasons, that's hot and the rainy season. Except there are degrees to the humidity. June to October is typically the rainy season (can extent to November sometimes). November to early February it gets a bit cooler in the sense that you don't sweat like a pig when you're outside but it's really nice especially at night. March to May is officially the summer season (school's out) and it gets really hot. Thus the perfect beach weather. Though I suppose if you want to get really technical, it's beach weather for 7 months out of 12. There, I've rambled.

I am in book heaven. If only I get to read longer than 20 mins in a day.

And I expect to add your book to my shelf before the year ends.

Maria said...


It's halo-halo time! and mais con yielo; ice cream and boba... ano ba yan, I'm hungry now and it's 4:30 am here!

my 1:1 with the HRD Rep went well. She's somewhat like us, but more like Mags - very sweet, very nice. She and I will be teaming up on several projects, one of which would be "manager's tool kit" (remember that series?) hahaha!

I just can see Faith in her ballet outfit as I write this post! i don't know why...

take care and have fun this summer.

Marie said...

Music and Lyrics looks and sounds interesting so I'll definitely see it. Thanks for recommending, Menchie.

Have fun reading!

reyspoutine said...

ahhh, manila in february....
as HE said, it's been a tad cold in this neck of the tundra lately, but today it's a balmy -9 celcius.
how hot is hot and is that normal for this time of year?
liked your friday pictures.

Hildegarde said...

Hi Menchie, thanks for visiting. I often read your comments at Ces and others, so you're kind of familiar to me, although I never visited your blog. 13 books ? don't forget to go to sleep at night ;-)

Menchie said...


What in the world are you doing awake at 4:30am??!! Am glad your 1:1 went well, be nice to her! Speaking of Mags, she and I are having lunch next week. I am trying to get her to do some work for us since she has gone into consulting and project work.

Ha! Will send you a pic of Faith if she ever does end up doing ballet this summer. That manager's toolkit should be peanuts. :D

you'll love Hugh Grant in it!

I feel for ya. -9 degrees must really feel balmy after the kind of weather you guys just went through!

February should still be a bit cool for this time of the year but now I start to sweat after just coming from the shower. It's that hot. I can already tell the summer's going to be unbearable unless you're at the beach. Thanks for visiting! :D

I also read your comments at Ces' blog which is why I decided to visit you. Your photos are beautiful.

Oh, I sleep. :D Am not even halfway into the first book.

kj said...

menchie,you've made me wish for summer. it is still below freezing in my neck of the woods. i was surprised to hear school is out for the next few months. i hope you get to hang out near water. i would love that.

what's with the 13 books? i just read 'snowflower and the secret fan' and loved it.


Menchie said...

Our school schedule starts in June and ends in March. So it's summer vacation during the hottest months of March and April. I really hope I get to go to the beach even once this summer.

I went berserk at the bookstore. I've been feeling cooped up for weeks. Right now I am reading The Time Traveler's Wife and I am loving it.

-Princess Shin- said...

I wanna watch music and lyrics! Not bad? Shall check it out. I got so many shows I would love to watch!

Dreamgirls, Babel, ghost rider...

No one to accompany me.. bohoo..

Menchie said...

I agree. So many great movies but in my case, so little time. It's either read, blog, or watch a movie.

Keshi said...

OMG dun remind me that we'll soon be in Autumn :( BAAAAAAWAAAAAAAAAAA!

Hugh Grant is getting hotter with his age alrite, mannnnnnnnnnn Im drooling...LOL!


kj said...

mench--my partner jb just finished the time traveler's wife and LOVED it. she said i would love it even more since i'm fascinated by how time works. i don't think it's linear....

so i love that you have just read a book that is on my coffee table...


Menchie said...

I am almost finished with it and I am in love with the book. It is so beautiful.