Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My 10 things

Why is it possible to have so many things swimming in your head that you want to write about and then when confronted with blank space you don't know where to start???!!!!

There are lots of things going on at Blogworld Road. I really enjoyed doing the How evil are you quiz I found over at Marie's. Imagine my surprise when I found out I was only 36% evil. And now I'm surprised that I'm surprised (does that even make sense?). Because it means I think I am more evil than I really am, at least, according to that quiz. But maybe it's more of a funny bitchy evil than an evil evil kind, you know what I mean?

Anyway, then I went over and did the Muppet quiz from Caroline. And I'm Kermit the frog. And since there can absolutely be no stench of evil whatsoever in Kermit and he is so sweet and gentle, what does that say about my thinking I'm more evil than what the quiz says? That I'm totally clueless? Or that I really need to do something more constructive on my lunch break so I can stop thinking about connections between Muppet personalities and Evil quizzes.

And that's why I will now just write about the ten things I need to improve this year (not quite the verbage that Ces used but close enough).

1. Stay away from ZARA.
2. Stop eating junk food.
3. Give away junk food sitting on top of desk.
4. Keep repeating the phrase, "Clothes are inanimate objects and do not say, BUY ME!"
5. Ditto on shoes.
6. Stop talking about wanting to organize the house and start doing it.
8. Eat to live and not live to eat.
9. Save more.

There, that's much better.

Oh, did I mention that we went to the zoo last weekend? It was just the local zoo in Manila -- there are other zoos we can go to that are nicer and with more things to see but we wanted a quick outing and weren't feeling up to a long drive and day trip. The kids loved it and, I must admit, I felt like a kid again despite the rundown condition and the obvious lack of animals. It's really true what they say when you see things through children's eyes. It was Faith's first time and I thought it was funny when I asked her what her favorite animal was and she said, "the sheep." I freaked out when we passed by the kiddie zoo and saw a little girl get hoisted on the back of an ostrich. Ewwwwww! *shudder* Yuck!!!! Gross!!!!!


Caroline said...

I think that perhaps you are been dragged into the world of tests. Step back. You are not evil ... as you say, how can Kermie be evil????

Your ten things are so funny, but I do think that 4 and 5 should be ignored!!!! Think about all those lonely clothes and shoes that are crying out for a good home!!!! It's your duty. Feel the maternal urge ;-0


Menchie said...

Well Caroline, since you put it that way, I do have a responsibility to uplift the retail industry in the country, right? And how about those people employed in that industry? What are they going to do if sales go down??!!!

So am thinking of amending #s 4 and 5 as long as I get colors that I don't already have yet, right??

Caroline said...

Sounds like a plan to me.
You have a national duty!
Go shop for your country.


Menchie said...

I knew I could count on your support! You totally understand. :D

Leo said...

I loved your list. Inspire Maysha to also bypass the clothes and shoes...

The zoo pic was great. I have been waiting to take the girls, cause I wanted them to be old enough to understand. I think we'll take our first trip this spring.

Menchie said...

But Leo, wouldn't you like Maysha to do her share for the upliftment of the retail industry in your country too?

The zoo trip was fun, we are planning an out of town trip to another zoo maybe next month.

Ces said...

Well that looks exactly like the same place I posed for a photograph with my niece twenty five years ago!

Okay, what the heck is ZARA?

I am Miss Piggy. I love it. Miss Piggy is devious, although I was only 28% evil.

Menchie said...

Ha Ha Ha! I doubt if it's changed AT ALL since it opened God knows when!

And ZARA is a European clothing store brand that opened in Manila around a year and a half ago. It's similar to H&M (which we don't have here) and Mango (another Spanish brand). It's a yummy, yummy place filled with goodies for everyone. Ack! What am I saying???!!!! It is an evil place designed to mooch your hard earned money by enticing you to buy even though you just wanted a little peek into the new merchandise (which they update every week!).

And why am I not surprised that you are Miss Piggy? And how come you're Miss Piggy and just 28% evil? That does NOT add up!

-Princess Shin- said...

Oooh.. i share your love for ZARA. Though i once had a minor disagreement with their return policy but i still love ZARA. Esp during sales..! Its been ages since i last shop. No.. actually its juz last month. That's why i'm broke. Ok.. We're gonna have the same resolution. Stay away from any shop that has cloth in it! =)

Menchie said...

They went on sale last weekend and but I was disappointed since the clothes (pants and jeans) that I wanted were still a bit expensive to me. They really dropped the prices on the cotton tees and tanks but I have a lot of those already so I didn't bother. So I bought pajamas (from the kids section!) and I was to get from the 11-13 year old size that fit me!

I really love that store that's why I have to avoid going in. Sigh!

Marie said...

I thought I was more evil too, Menchie. I also got Kermit when I did the quiz over on Caroline's blog.

Love the pic with the kids. Looks like you had fun.

Ces said...

LOL!!! Miss Piggy is not evil. She is madly in love with Kermit. That is not being evil at all. Hahahaha!

Caroline said...

Oh Ces - that means that you love me!!!!!!!! And as for Miss Piggy not being evil ... of course she's not ... *whisper to everyone else, 'run and hide!'*


Steven Novak said...

So...let me get this straight...what you're saying is that you'd like to stay away from ZARA? ;)


Ms. Val said...

Hi, Menchie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm enjoying reading these memes and even doing a few of my own...they're a great way to keep things going during times when I don't feel particularly creative.

Do you mind if I add you to my blog roll?

Menchie said...

You're Kermit too! So Ces loves us all!

Isn't it strange that we think we are more evil?

Miss Piggy should be more than 28% evil, at the very least! Maybe 50%?

Caroline, LOL!!!!

No!....whoops!...I mean...yes.

Ms. Val,
Of course I don't mind! I really liked what you did to your house. :D

Maria said...

i was surprised you're a kermie! I had you pegged as Big Bird - BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! joke!

I love ZARA, too! OMG! The clothes scream "buy me" there. How could you stay away? Oh, that's right, it's cause you're evil.

Last - your table is SOOOO NEAT! i love it.

Menchie said...

Ha ha on the big bird remark...i don't like him. I'm really more of an ernie. Or Oscar the grouch when I don't get enough sleep.

ZARA...*sob*...I will miss the yummy clothes...*sob*

I learned my lesson when I left INTC and it took two days for me to lug all the stuff I accumulated. So now I keep everything in my office light.