Thursday, January 11, 2007

All in a day's work

I enjoyed seeing Caroline's, Leo's and Marie's super neat workplaces so I thought of showing mine. I realize it's cheating a bit because it's not the one I have at home. But really, I don't work there. At home, I usually just park myself somewhere the kids won't try to punch letters on the laptop while I'm writing: on the bed, on the couch, the dining table, or sometimes, I lock myself in the bathroom. So the above is my real workplace.

Over on the right is my little zen fountain. It was a present from my youngest sister two years ago. The sound of the flowing water soothes me. Near it is where I keep my three cellphones. Yes, I have three (one for work, one personal and the other one, well, it's a long story). That's why I need someplace to put them all in, otherwise I will lose one or two. And my post it notes which I love.

You can see it's pretty neat which is how I like to keep it. And this will puzzle you if you see the one at home. Because it is so far from this. I cannot think properly if I am surrounded by clutter. That's why I stay away from the desk at home.

This is the other half of my desk. There's nothing much on this part except for three pictures I keep in a cool plexiglass frame, the Beauty and the Beast coffee mug souvenir I bought for Jun after seeing the play in Sydney (which he stopped using) and a Starbucks water mug which was a Christmas present two years ago from a former office colleague.

This coming weekend is going to be clean up day at home so wish me luck. I'll post some before and after pics...maybe.


Irene said...

Why didn't you show the photo of Jun sitting in your office chair waiting for you to sit on his lap?


Those were the days. ;p

Ms. Val said...

Menchie, your desk is so neat and clean--not like my work area at all. I'll post pictures of my "desk" tomorrow.

Caroline said...

Love your mug. Belle is my favourite princess. I AM SOOOO INTELLECTUAL ;-0
Super tidy workspace. Looking forward to your next photos.

Menchie said...

Shhhh! It's such a bummer working in far away from Jun. Sigh!

Ms. Val,
Thanks but I'm sort of forced to keep it this rules and everything. You haven't seen the one at nightmare.

I like Belle too! In fact, Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorites. I once names one of our dogs Le Fou (Gaston's sidekick). And of course, I know all the lyrics to the songs.

Leo said...

Very neat! Wow!
I haven't shown where I work, maybe I'll post those pics later.
Thanks for sharing...

Marie said...

So neat and tidy. I look forward to seeing your next pics.

Ces said...

Okay, I want to see Irene's description of your workplace. LOL!!!

Menchie said...

Leo and Marie,
Thanks, it's easy to keep it tidy when I'm the only one using it. The one at home, well...that's another story.

HA! HA! I can't find that picture!