Sunday, November 26, 2006


What a stressful day. The work I had to do took longer than I expected and I ended up still doing it while the kids were taking their nap. Am going out of town for the next two days and I still have to pack, buy stuff I need for the trip, get the kids ready for mass, wrap a gift, and my nails are a mess.

So here I am with gunk on my face and instead of fixing last minute things, I am writing. And visiting my bloggerfriends. Can you tell I am giving myself a time out? The kids are all around me, alternately yelling at each other, watching a Disney movie, making a mess, and trying to punch letters on my laptop. What can I say? They're very energetic. Weird, but it's like I'm in a bubble. I notice them at the edge of my consciousness, but I am still calmly writing.

Forgive me if I'm rambling. I just need to do this now. I am worried about tomorrow. I know I will miss the kids and the hubby. I hate sleeping in strange places. I hate missing the kids' big school evaluation tomorrow.

And now I remember the face gunk is only supposed to stay on for 1 minute. Darn it! Ok, deep breath. What's another minute when it's been on for the last 10, right?

(*Smile* I just asked my daughter Faith to kiss me and she didn't even hesitate despite the white gunk on my face. I just love her!)

Now she's putting (and removing) stickers on my shoulder and climbing up my back. That's my cue. I gotta go wash my face before it peels off.

10 minutes later...

Whew, I still have a face I can show in public. Note to self: follow directions on labels of cosmetic products.

And I am still rambling...

Kids are wrestling and trying to bury each other with pillows while screaming at the top of their lungs (I can tell they're getting on their dad's nerves :D). Think I'll go and join them and bury myself under the pillows. Or maybe scream a little. Yep, things are looking up.


-Princess Shin- said...

you're such a wonderful mom! =)

Caroline said...

This made me laugh out loud. I loved it and I understand. All of it!!!!


Steven Novak said...

I suddenly have the urge to buy some of that face gunk and leave it on for two days...just to see what would happen. ;)


Menchie said...


Thanks! I really try...

Yeah, I know you can. It's universal, I think. :D

I wouldn't advise it -- I've seen the effects often enough. But hey, just make sure you've got the name of a good dermatologist for damage control. :D

Maria said...


now that's living up to your manic mom description!

i hope the trip was NOT work related and it gave you a few hours of break.

play nice.

Menchie said...

It was work related. HR strategic planning. Ugh!

Maria said...



BTW, i got a NEW job... and guess what I'll be doing?

Menchie said...


don't tell me. strategic planning? he he he!

seriously, what are you doing now? email me!