Tuesday, November 28, 2006


First off, I'm so glad to be back home. I didn't get a wink of sleep last night when I was away. Was so happy that I've got this meme to do (thanks a lot Caroline! You just made my evening!). :D

Top Ten Things I will NEVER do.

I will NEVER

1. ...touch an animal (alive or dead) that has feathers. I'd rather be shot. (I am so deathly scared of feathers!)

2. ...eat liver and ampalaya (bittermelon) willingly. You will have to shove it down my throat, or kill me. (my mom used to force us to eat this. if we were having it with fish, my sister and i would stuff the vegetable inside the fish's mouth)

3. ...put my kids down or compare them unfavorably with others. (it's just not fair)

4. ...stop loving my husband. or get a divorce. (this one's for keeps)

5. ...stop reading. (i might as well stop breathing)

6. ...wear pantyhose or stockings with open toed sandals. (just a personal fashion preference)

7. ...like getting shots.

8. ...paint my nails red. (it's just not me)

9. ...shave off my hair. (i am much too vain for this)

10. ... say never to chocolate.


Caroline said...

Loved them all - but 10, 9 and 6 made me nod and smile. So glad that you did this meme, I feel like a know you that little bit better.
Thanks Cx

Menchie said...

I like reading other people's memes too. It gives me a lot of insight to the person even if they live so very far away.

am glad i got connected to you through blogging. :D

-Princess Shin- said...

Ooh.. i agree on not wearing stokings with open toed shoes.. it's juz ugly.. =(

Nice post!

Leo said...

Hey there, great list. Come check out mine...we agree on some things!

Maria said...

mench -

so that incident in Palapala was that your sweet revenge for #1? and i agree on #3, no one should put down any child or compare them to anyone; and may I include the ADULTS, too?


Ces said...

You'll change your mind about No. 8. You are still too young. I'm with you on the liver. I think there is a certain way to cook ampalaya (bittermelon) to make it not bitter but I have not tried. The last time I ate it was when I was in high school.

You mean you are not going to hold my pet chicken?

Menchie said...

Yeah, there's something not quite right about it, noh?

coming right over! :D

guilty! I don't know...something strange came over me when I saw that chicken on the road. years of suppressed fear, i guess. heh heh

Actually, I would love to wear red nail polish. Only every time I try, it looks like I'm pretending to be a grown-up. It's weird, I know but even Jun has commented on it.

My dad has tried many different methods of cooking ampalaya and they've sworn up and down that there's no bitter taste. needless to say, we've never believed them.

Aaannnnnddd.....I think I'll pass on petting your pet chicken. I've just been on a farm today (will post about it later). I'm traumatized.

YellowDuck said...

*Ruffles feathers*

Oops. Sorry :(

Menchie said...

you made me laugh out loud at this! :D

P.S. I have no problems with rubber duckies though.