Thursday, November 23, 2006

Conversations with Poop (Revisited)

This was one of my earliest posts. I read it again while I was going through my archives and thought I'd post it.

The absurdity of what happens in the course of being a mom sometimes astounds me. Like last night's conversation with my three year old son, Joshua. He was on the potty with me holding him up and keeping him company.

Me: So, are you going to make poopoo now?

Josh: It's coming, mommy, it's coming.

Me: (after 2 minutes) is it coming out already?

Josh: talk to my poopoo mommy so it'll come out.

Me: (to the poop) Hey poopoo, come out now before I give you time out!

Josh: (as the poop) Yes, mommy. Do not give me time out.

Me: So, is it coming?

Josh: It's eating chocolate. (he ate 1 piece of chocolate after dinner)

Me: Oh, ok. (after 2 minutes) is it coming out na? (I was getting a little tired of hanging out in the bathroom by now)

Josh: yes, it's brushing it's teeth.

Believe me, this was an actual conversation. And quite a lengthy one, mind you. I didn't include the references to hatching and other whatnot. And let's not even talk about the time I actually SANG to the poop. (to the tune of twinkle, twinkle little star)

That is what I go home to every single day. Different levels of absurdity but who cares? It's one of the perks of being a parent. Free comedy entertainment to chase the stress away. Now, if I'm feeling generous and only if you've been a good boy/girl, I just might invite you one of these days to come over and have a conversation with the naughty B_og_r.


Maria said...

i reread it and it still made me laugh out loud!

Re: your comment in RDE: it's an addition, it's more like the stuff that boom and i do together. I'm glad you like it. It'll have more pictures than words... :)

so can i take pictures of our kids?

Menchie said...

oh wow, of course you can take pics of the kids! you know I love looking at the pics you take. just tell me when and where. :D

kj said...

menchie, this is an absolute riot. i am laughing my head off. and you've written the scene so well i can just see it unfolding.

thank you so much for a needed chuckle!


-Princess Shin- said...

Oh.. so cute!!! Haha.. Did Mr.Poop come out in the end?

Menchie said...


you're welcome! always happy to oblige. :D

yes, mr. poop eventually made an appearance. But not until he had finished brushing his teeth and get ready for bed.

Ces said...

Why do I belive every word of this exchange? Oh Menchie, what fun to be a mother of young children. I miss that.

This little exchange gives me a good glimpse into your endearing parenting ways. You are a sweet, dear mother.

Steven Novak said...

Singing to poop...


I'm happy with my decision ot not have any kids. ;)


Menchie said...

Thank you Ces! My family calls me crazy but i prefer your descriptions. *grin*


you don't know what you're missing. :D