Monday, November 20, 2006

Boxing anyone?

Violent sports have never been my interest at all. As opposed to Jun who adores watching boxing and the for real type of wrestling which never fails to amuse me every time I catch a glimpse of it on TV. He loses his concentration once I start making brokeback mountain like jokes ( hello! almost naked men all tangled up on the screen -- how can you pass up something like that??!!!!). My only request is for him not to watch those things where the children can see them. I don't think I can survive it if Joshua starts to seriously wrestle -- he's too rambunctious already as it is.

But yesterday, that's another story. I don't think I ever enjoyed a boxing match as much as Manny Pacquiao's fight against Morales. It was inspired...much better than the Rocky movies (do you know there's gonna be a fifth installment??!! Duh!). I never thought I'd say this but the fight yesterday left me disappointed that it ended at Round 3. I was just really getting into it (actually screaming my head off) when it was over.

I also never realized how good looking Morales is -- in an earthy, boxer type of way. (ha ha!) Can't wait for the next boxing match. I think I've been converted.


-Princess Shin- said...

I have no idea wat ur talking about.. haha.. no interest in wrestling!

Maria said...

what a nice new blue look!

i was disappointed to see the fight end at round 3, too... cause, i was pure joy to watch the sweaty, skinny body of morales! omg! i think i just made a scandalous comment - PG13.


Menchie said...

ay naku maria, i hear you! he's a cutie no??!!!

Menchie said...

Princess Shin,

yeah, that's how i felt before. Still don't like wrestling but boxing does have it's appeal. :D