Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Weekend Moments

Long weekends usually leave me wanting more. Naturally, the past three day weekend was not an exception. Anyway, highlights:

** Friday night date *g* -- My Super Ex-Girlfriend is one funny movie! I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud in a movie theater. Recent comedies usually just get a chuckle or a giggle from me (unless it's Adam Sandler in which case, I scowl). This movie got a guffaw out of me -- even after we left the theater.

** Saturday morning drive to Tagaytay with me taking over about halfway (the part where there's no traffic, heh heh). Cold weather, chilling with the kids and my parents at the house, fabulous fried chicken and seafood pasta for dinner, I tell ya, what more can you ask for?

** Kids with Grandpa. Need I say more?

** Kid's birthday party Sunday afternoon and Joshua needing no encouragement to join the games. You don't know how happy that makes me, since it means no more parties with Joshua glued to various parts of my anatomy he can attach himself to. Faith, being the trooper that she is, was just coolly casing the room, yaya following behind her, picking which balloons she wants.

** Again on the party, Faith and Joshua banding together versus a towheaded toddler who kept wanting to grab Faith's plastic tennis racket. Watching them bitch slap the kid was great! (Kidding!)

** On the way back from the party, I inadvertently said the word S-T-U-P-I-D and Joshua called me on it. I said sorry and told him he can give me a time out when we got home. Here's the rest of the conversation:

Josh: Ok, mommy. We'll give you a time out when we're home, right Daddy?
Jun : Right! I'm gonna tie mommy up.
Me : *Giggle* *Giggle* (I couldn't help it!)

** Joshua bolting upright in bed at 6:30 am Monday morning. Our conversation:

Josh : Mommy I have to make poopoo!
Me : Ok, go to the bathroom and tell Daddy.
Josh : (peering into my face) Mommy, are you staying with us today? You're not going to the office?
Me : No, I'm staying.
Josh : (smiling) Thanks mommy. I like it when you stay home with us.

Aww, man. Like I don't feel enough guilt already.

** Conversation with Faith when she saw I had a small rash on my arm:

Faith : What happened mommy? (pointing to my arm)
Me : Monster bit me.
Faith : Monster bite you?
Me : Yup
Faith : (crossing her arms and frowning) Monster bad! Faith angry!


Ces said...

Well, I must say, that is an interesting timeout you are getting from Jun.

Don't you just love your kids? They are precious. Enjoy them.

The children look so happy with their grandfather. What fun.

Maria said...

ang sweet ng mga kids mo mench! mana... k jun! and sa yo of course!

Menchie said...

Believe me, my husband meant it very innocently. He tells me I have a dirty mind! :D

ano ka ba, siempre mana sa kin! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

Ces said...

Still it sounds rather naughty! Of course, the woman is always the more interesting of the pair.

Menchie said...

I definitely agree!

Maria said...

ako din - i definitely agree to disagree na sa yo mana mga bata! j/k! so ano i'll babysit them when you go to Las Vegas?

Menchie said...

Oh can you???? Please??????
Seriously, a visit to the US is in the plan pero baka 2007 pa. Eh ikaw???? Kelan ka uwi dito? BTW, I saw Boom on your Friendster page. Looks like someone's in luuurrve!!!

Maria said...

yes... seriously. I'd love to take care of your kids and tell my own poop stories...

really you like boom more than that ex!