Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Tummy Tingling

I was in the middle of a meeting today, trying to listen attentively to the person speaking when I felt it again. A funny feeling at the pit of my stomach. And no, it wasn't hunger pangs nor was it a compulsion to visit the rest room. It was a little tickling sensation that started at the base of my tummy, weaving it's way upwards and ending somewhere in the middle of my chest. You can tell I'm having a hard time describing it huh? The best I can do is the word tingle. Yup, that's what i'd call it. Except it didn't happen at my spine (yeah, i know how lame that is, indulge me).

The first time I felt it was just before meeting my husband at the lobby of the BPI building on what would be our first date -- a blind date set up by a mutual friend. I remember feeling a myriad of emotions just before going down to the lobby -- everything from nervousness to abject fear. I almost backed out, I had had a series of constant dates at the time which never worked out and I was thinking maybe this wasn't going to be worth it. My friend didn't tell me who it was going to be but I had an inkling it was Jun. And a part of me wanted to find out if I was right while the rest of me was thinking how embarassed I was going to feel if it was him (we were already acquaintances).

And the whole time, I was feeling the tingle. So I finally made my way to the elevator, resolute to make the best of it and determined to be a pleasant date at the very least. To cut a long story short, it did turn out to be him and the rest is history.

But I digress. Fast forward to today. There I was, sipping coffee, alternately fiddling with my earring, paying attention to the speaker and wondering if I was going to have chicken for lunch for the nth time since I arrived (I was right) when I felt it again. That tingle in my tummy, and I smiled. Because now I recognized it for what it was. It's a harbringer of my homecoming. Only three days left before I leave for home. Just three measly days and it'll be back to the routine and the chaos, the hugs and kisses and stories and the mommy-sing-the-rubber-ducky-song requests. Back to the tediousness of driving to Cavite, catch up sessions (gossip) with my family , Sunday mass and dinner, and, best of all, back to Jun. I can't wait.