Tuesday, August 02, 2005

From One Moment to the Next

I used to think that time went by so slowly. And I don't mean the 'i can't believe it's only 2pm' kind of slow. It was more of not really noticing the years passing by, and just counting my favorite parts of the year (Christmas and New Year). When I first got married, the feeling was still the same. You know, being very casual about weekends (movie or stay in, or clean?) and no real need to rush home from work since Jun will be in at 7:30pm.

Now I realize the almost 360 degree change in my perception when I had kids. What used to be long lazy weekends became a blur of activity -- doctor's appointments, feeding, bathtime, giving vitamins, naptime, playtime, and the numerous diaper changes you have to do. What seems to be normal daily activities becomes challenging and very tiring when you're dealing with toddlers. It used to take me just a half an hour to get ready to go out of the house, now it takes us two hours with the last 10 minutes free for me to shower, dress and get my stuff ready. No wonder my hair got damaged thru tying it up sopping wet from the shower. I didn't have time to dry it -- it was either my hair or makeup (siempre my face won). Those were the early days when Josh was 2 and Faith was a tiny baby and I've since learned my lesson (no more wet ponytails - getting my hair relaxed is expensive!)

But more than the everyday details is the realization that the kids are growing so fast. I still get shocked at the way Joshua sometimes reasons with people like an adult. And how he has very definite opinions about what he likes and thinks. He is every inch a pre-schooler now, with just traces of my baby boy remaining -- he still likes to be cuddled and kissed and is still very affectionate.

My Faith is also little by little leaving her babyhood behind. She is now a whirlwind of activity - and her weird sense of humor is showing. She loves sticking her fingers up people's noses and laughing out loud when you jerk your head up in surprise. And she will do that as often as you let her, laughing her head off the whole time. And it really surprises me when she does things deliberately just to make people laugh -- like the way she'll suck the fruit juice from her fingers, smack her lips out loud and say "Ahhh!" like a little piglet.
Jun and I always talk about how we can't wait until Josh or Faith can talk and we wonder what kind of things they'll say. Now that Josh doesn't stop talking our heads off, I can't help feeling that I wish time would go a little slower so I could savor their babyhood much longer. Wishful thinking, I know. For now, I guess I'll just have to live in the moment, basking in the kids' lives and thanking my lucky stars.

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