Monday, July 11, 2005

Separation Anxiety

Another weekend over so soon. Some good things never really last. Like Saturdays...or lazy mornings spent in bed with two pint sized mini-mes crawling all over me. Still, it's something to moon over while in traffic or waiting in line at the cafeteria desperately trying to have your morning cup of coffee before your first meeting starts.

Still, can't complain. Aileene's birthday was fun, it's not everyday that I allow myself to gorge on pizza (five cheese and tomato, yum!) and spend a few hours shopping with one of my favorite people. The kids' doctor's appointment was a riot, as usual, with Joshua threatening his doctor, "Do not go to my house!". Was kinda looking forward to spending some quiet time with the hubby after the kids went to bed but fell asleep instead (sorry Jun!).

Felt like I went to the two ends of Metro Manila on Sunday. Wait a minute, I DID go to the two ends of the Metro yesterday! That's the trouble with double booking. Had to go to a baptism in UP and then drive over to a birthday party in Roxas Blvd. Good thing driving was a breeze...going to UP reminded me of how much I love the campus. I was waxing nostalgic while driving under the canopy of acacia trees leading to the AS building. Hmmm...what they did to the College of B.A. bldg was downright hideous. For some reason, it still smells the same. Felt like going back to school, except that (1) I hated Math 1 and 11; (2) Hated Nat Sci 1 & 2; and, (3) I will only go back as my present self and not as the awkward 16 year old I was then.

So anyway, here I am, morning after the weekend, wishing I woke up to Faith squeezing the various parts of my face and cooing into my ears happy to be waking up next to me. With Joshua telling me, "The sun is up Mommy, time to wake up!" instead of waking up at the crack of dawn (4:30 am) and eating skyflakes for breakfast.
But it really was a good weekend. Lots of kid and hubby time, sisterly bonding (and shopping!), with a little bit of ALIAS episodes thrown in. What more could I ask for?

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