Thursday, January 19, 2012

Walking Dead

We are right smack into the terrible twos.  This one, kept me up the whole night.  And on a go-to-work day too.  I blame the loopy DVD player.  

First I found her drinking her milk from the bottle cap like an 18 year old drinking beer from a mug.  She had CHEWED through the bottle nipple (it was raggedly cut in half with a small sliver of silicone attached) and was oh so casually pouring milk from the broken nipple into the bottle cap.  All while watching a Barbie Princess Charm School video for the nth time.  So I washed her sticky hands and brought her back into the room with a warning not to chew the bottle nipples (she had already chewed through 5 nipples this week). 

I then realized that the movie had been looping over and over again.  It would reach a certain part and then go back to the beginning of the video.  So I turned it off as it was bedtime.  That's when it all started.  She cried so hard she threw up.  I got her to the bathroom in time, so, okay, no biggie.  But the crying brought on a very runny nose and she woke up intermittently every 10 minutes or so to get me to wipe her nose.  The.whole.night.  She finally stopped at 4:40 am.  I know because the hubby got up to go to the bathroom and I asked what time it was.  Sleep deprivation is the pits when you have to get up at 6am to go to work.  

So if you see a half dead person with sunken eyes staggering into Starbucks for a cup of coffee, yeah, that would be me.

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