Monday, December 21, 2009

I just remembered I had a blog!

It's been ages and ages since I last posted. I wanted to at least post something before Christmas.

Lucia is 7 and a half months old now and is healthy, happy, super adorable and has everyone wrapped around her pinky! Including her older brother and sister who think the sun rises and sets on their baby sister. And still without pictures! he he. It's all in the digital camera or in the personal laptop at home which I never use because it's the hubby's and I really don't have time to touch it when am home with the baby. Soooooo, no pics. Unless my hubby finds time to download everything in my notebook, hint! Hint!

School's out for the holidays, and the weather's nice and cool. Unfortunately, the change in weather also means sniffles and the like. Joshua is just now recovering from a very bad case of tonsilitis, Faith, I just learned this morning, has a low grade fever -- she's been nursing a cold the past few days. Thankfully, the baby has been spared -- lots of scolding not to go near her of course because they cannot help it. Am hoping that everybody will be ok by Christmas eve. It would be a bummer if any of them will still be sick.

This Christmas is probably the first time I finished my shopping waaaaay ahead of schedule! It gives me a lot more time to spend with the kiddies. Only ones left to buy for is the hubby, my mom and my sister who opted to wait for the Zara sale for their presents from me. The hubby I will take shopping for a much needed wardrobe upgrade. What can I say? He trusts my taste. :D

The only downside this holiday season is i have to forfeit my usual two week holiday because I'm new at work. Though, seeing as I am surrounded by books at work, it's not much of a hardship. I am LOVING the new work environment! There's nothing better than being surrounded by and having access to books for a bibliophile like me.

I hope you all enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones!


Stace said...

Hello!! I was wondering what had happened to you :) So glad to hear the baby's going well - and I hope Josh and Faith get better soon. What is your new job?? So lucky to be surrounded by books! Sounds great :)

Elspeth is also doing really well - she's 5 months old now! She's huge, and she laughs a lot, and she's the most photographed baby ever! haha

Menchie said...

Hey Stace! Been kept busy with the new job -- the thing with being with books is it doesn't feel like it's a job! I do purchasing for a local book company. Loved Elspeth's pics! I HAVE got to get the hubby to post the pics soon!

Pacha said...

I want to be you! Your job sounds great! So lovely to hear about the kids. Merry Christmas to you and yours! All my love, Pacha

Menchie said...

Pacha! Merry Christmas sweetie! Hugs to the kiddies!

Anonymous said...

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