Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I've popped!

Yes, I've given birth and there's a story to it (not a very happy one) with a good outcome, thank goodness.  But, between changing diapers and feeding Lucia, I hardly have time to really sit down and put it all in writing.  So thank you to all the well wishers and please know that I really appreciate your kind words (in this blog and in Facebook and emails and text messages).  I will try to update when I have had more sleep, when Lucia loses a bit of her pre-occupation with me (and my breasts) and when I have more time than the bathroom breaks I allow myself due to necessity.

Some random stuff I want to throw out:

- Why doesn't anyone make strapless nursing bras??  Why? Why? Why?  
- Why do nursing bras have to be so darned ugly?  Isn't it enough that you have a post pregnancy belly to deal with?  And now you can't even have decent underwear.  
- Babies poop a lot, I get it.  But why does Lucia have to do it in the middle of a feed?  Every.single.time.

And hey, people don't really need to sleep.   I know, cause I'm still alive aren't I?


Stace said...

You make it all sound so appealing... can't wait... haha
Glad everything's ok, though. And haven't you been through all this before?? Why are you surprised?!

Keshi said...

WC baby Lucia! HUGS!

After reading ur post, wow I so dun wanna be a mum lol!

Im someone who's quite selfish when it comes to her SLEEP!


Keshi said...

Abt Nursing bras...o well, if/when I become a mum Im so not wearing em...I'd still stick to my superhot Bendons ;-) 'yeah right!'says Menchie!


Pacha said...

I burnt all my nursing bras...nasty nasty nasty things! CONGRATULATIONS AND A BIG WELCOME TO LUCIA...How are the other two taking to their baby sister??? All the best honey! Pacha

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SabineM said...

congratulations!!! Try to get some rest, poor you! I remember it soo well! :) we do survive!

Big Pumpkin said...

Oh....*hugs*!!! and congratulations!!! Mine will be coming soon and I will join you in the land of Zombies!

Smarry said...


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