Monday, April 07, 2008

To the one who...

- makes me laugh until I can't breathe

- brings out the tease in me

- likes all my ugly faces

- kisses all of us goodnight

- shares all my secrets

- taught me how to do the moonwalk and the running man

- holds my hand in the car

- gave me my beautiful babies

- doesn't get mad when I wake him up at 3am because the stupid "vlookup" function won't work

- makes me forget there is a world outside the one we made



Happy Birthday.


SabineM said...

What a sweet poem!
happy Birthday to the one who makes you laugh!

Sandy C. said...

Oh that is so incredibly sweet :)

Happy birthay to your honey!!!

Keshi said...

Happy Birthday to that YOU then! :)


JO-N said...

yeah, that's sweet and a very creative birthday post too. Happy birthday to your darling.

Within Without said...

Well thank you, Menchie!

Oh, you don't mean me.

He sounds like a wonderful man, Mench. Happy birthday to him and many, many more for you both.

(Thanks for your thoughtful comment on that latest post of mine; I've taken it down, though, figuring it was a bit much)


Irene said...

Oh my gulay. I cannot imagine Jun doing the moonwalk and running man!!!

Hope he had a Happy Birthday! (I already greeted him via Facebook.)

Hugs to the kids! My goddaughter Faith is so big na! =)

Menchie said...

thanks guys! we had a nice and peaceful bday celebration. :D

he is wonderful. thanks for the greeting.

You're back!!! :D

Hard to imagine but he is a pretty good dancer. Of course, we had to stop laughing ling enough for him to teach me. he he.

Ces said...

Wow Menchie, this is a sweet sentiment. I cannot believe how fast your kids are growing. I thought the letters to Santa in the spring is so sweet. Rainy season, ugh! Take care Menchie.

Menchie said...

They are growing so fast, i kind of have babies on my mind which would probably horrify my mother! The two are already a handful. As for the Santa letters, well, I have a pile already and the requests keep changing. Santa will have to choose just one or two. :D

angels4kids said...

Interesting ... please tell the hubby that I would have NEVER thought him to be the dancing type of person. I would sooner imagine him solving the Rubik's cube on his desk than doing the moonwalk on the dance floor.

Please send him my belated greetings.

Menchie said...


well you should see him dance then. :D He's pretty good. Never seen him solve a rubik's cube though. hmmm...