Monday, April 14, 2008

Guess who conked out in the middle of her dessert Saturday night??

One minute she was chattering about getting gummy bears and the next moment she was asleep. Didn't even wake up when her brother got all her leftover marshmallows.

Maybe next time she'll listen when I tell her she needs a nap. :D


JO-N said...

So nice to be kids. They can sleep anywhere and anytime they like.

CM-Chap said...

Nice... Thats the gift for kids isnt it

Sandy C. said...

Awww :)
I so wish my daughter could do that. She can't fall asleep anywhere but her bed. And she fails to do that well too... :(

aminah said...

good thing she didn't end up sleeping face first into her bowl of chocolate...Eli did that once, but it was a bowl of porridge..ha

Keshi said...

hahahahaha kids r so unpredictible! SO CUTE.


SabineM said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I have been so out of touch! Soo busy lately!
Glad that you came by!
This pictures is pricelss! HOw adorable! I wish I could fall asleep like that. But hey, WHAT A nice desert! What is she having?
My almost 3 year old is now not wanting to nap, and she is just awful by 6pm.
If I could I WOULD TAKE A NAP! Why don't our children listen to us! haaaa

Menchie said...


Yeah, i kinda envy that ability to sleep anywhere. :D

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! :D

That's too bad. I guess I'm lucky that my kids still take naps, otherwise, they become totally grumpy by 6.

that would've been an awesome picture if she fell asleep face first!

thanks sweetie! :D

Have been catching up myself too. :D She was eating a banana, chocolate syrup, cheese flavored ice cream and mini marshmallows. She didn't want it mixed together.

Soo agree with you on the naps! If I could only have one every day! But then I remember how much I resisted it too when I was young.

Hildegarde said...

Funny :-) and cute.

Cinderella. said...

She is sooooo cute !!! Loved all your pix on this page. You're having one helluva time as a mom,eh ?
Cute blog !
Hopped in here from keshi's.
Infact your profile pic brought me !

Menchie said...

thank! :D

Hi! thanks for stopping by! :D

And yes, hell of a time is a pretty apt way of stating it. LOL!

Chriz said...

hahaha nice cute sleepy eyes

Big Pumpkin said...'s amazing how they can be so chatty one second and then just pass out completely the next, ain't it??!!! My daughter does it all the time cuz she just refuses to miss out on all the fun!!