Monday, March 24, 2008

And Just Like That....

It's summer! The heat has been unbearable the past week.

I've been out of town last week and then spent the rest of the Lenten holiday at home. We did squeeze in a day trip to the beach which was thankful for. See, I originally didn't want to go cause I was planning on doing a lot of house cleaning. I was very obviously demented that day. It was guilt that eventually made me go and I had a great time with the kids.


I got pooped on by a bird at Sunday mass. It was warm and gooey and green! Gross! I wondered about the green color though. I usually see white stuff on cars and windshields. Then my brother told me that particular bird probably had a bum stomach. Ew! Ew! Ew!

Nothing special about this news, I know. Just thought I'd share the grossness.

We bought the kids new bicycles. A Disney princess one (what else??) and a suitably masculine one for Joshua. Those were supposed to be birthday presents for their special day in May but hubby and I thought that with the rainy season kicking off on that month and school being near to starting, it would be a shame if the kids can't enjoy them during the summer. Ergo, they are in bike heaven.


I was supposed to post pictures I took of Faith while she was clowning around refusing to let me do my work peacefully. So I took a photoshoot of her on my camera phone. Darn phone won't connect to the laptop. And I've got too much stuff open to bother rebooting. Bugger!


My google reader is overflowing with unread items. I'm afraid my online time has taken a backseat to work, and, after that, to just spending time with the kids and catching up (a little) with the housework and my books.


Happy Easter! :D


Keshi said...

WB Menchie I missed ya! SO u hv been very busy ha..good on ya!

**. It was warm and gooey and green! Gross!

gee tnxx for the HOT details Menchie LOL! U really like grossing us all out ha??? :)



Sandy C. said...

Awww, sounds like its been a hectic weekend! I heard getting pooped on was a sign good luck :)

JO-N said...

You are invited to my house warming party here (remember to pick up your door gift):

and here (another door gift for you):

and here (a third door gift for you):

Please drop by. Waiting for you.

aminah said...

I enjoyed reading this! Hope you had a fantastic easter! x

Hildegarde said...

Summer ? beach ? :-) Over here we're still far from that.

Keshi said...

hows ya hun?


Laurie said...

I email my photos to myself then I don't have to try to find my doggone connector cord thingy...

Chriz said...

haha.. posts on the kids on bicycles awaited.. also the green poopoo t shirt!!

Stace said...

I'll swap you... our hot hot summer just ended, giving way to what will soon become an icy winter. Birdshit is gross, especially when it's green - yes, it usually means the bird is ill. Pity it! haha

kj said...

my spring is just beginning, mench. i am refreshed just thinking about it. as for the bird dropping: too much information, too much information....


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