Friday, February 22, 2008

People will probably never look at me the same after my last post. LOL!

Didn't mean to gross anyone out. That conversation just struck me as very amusing. It really does represent what usually takes place in our house. Which probably makes our family one step away from the loony bin. Ah, but we do have lots of fun....

Anyway, can you tell I'm upbeat? Yep.

I'm bursting with excitement and quivering to the tips of my freshly pedicured toes. Uh, no, I am NOT pregnant.

Because it's FRIDAY. Yep. You can tell it's been a long week when just the thought of Friday sends me into paroxysms of delight. Or maybe it's the white cheddar cheese popcorn I'm munching.

It's Friday, it's a long weekend, I have a heavenly banoffee pie saved up for Sunday dinner, and a tub of Chef Tony's popcorn to last me till the drive home tonight. I also have a ton of feeding bottles to wash, a wedding to go to, and a whole lot of cleaning to do but that's beside the point.

I'm just disgustingly bubbly and happy right now. And I haven't even eaten any chocolate.

Weird, huh?


Pacha said...

Brilliant I would say! I'm feeling a little more upbeat today too. It's great when that happens. It does inevitably happen on Fridays though, doesn't it! Enjoy your weekend and family Menchie!!!

Personally, I am disgusted by your last post! (Ha! rich coming from nit and rat and worm infested idiot whose house smells of vomit and pooh all the time!)

Marie said...

Hope you're having a nice weekend.

Keshi said...

heyya Mechie u grossed me out tho LOL!

Hope ur having a great long wknd hun.

btw come check my FAMOUSNESS ok LOL!


Caroline said...

Upbeat indeed.
One day I'll come here and you'll be pregnant ... obviously.

Stace said...

You know, almost everybody I know (including myself) believes that their family is the loopiest, craziest, most screwed up family in the world... maybe it's just a reflection on the people I know...!!

Homey said...

I love listening to people who are happy! It's contagious you know?

Sandy C. said...

*drool* cheddar cheese popcorn..... love that stuff :)

Diesel said...

I think I'm a day late where you are, but Happy Inappropriate Card Day, Menchie!

Menchie said...

I had a weekend full of cleaning. Plus the Oscars. Good enough considering it was a long weekend for me. :D

already voted for the Vogue cover. :D

one of these days, maybe you will! :D

that just means you connect with loopy people! LOL!

totally agree. :D

uber yummy. now i have to lose the weight.

Happy Bar Mitzvah!

Keshi said...

ty sweetz! :)


Keshi said...

Gerard is mine mine mine!


Hildegarde said...

So happy that you can forget all the have-to-do things, without eating chocolate :-), cool !! Enjoy your long weekend very much !

Menchie said...

get in line sister! he's MINE!!!!!

I'm afraid I've eaten more than my share already by now. Like, half a bag of Hershey's KISSES. And ice cream. *burp*