Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Me Time

Alright, thinking totally selfish here. Just in case my siblings or the hubby are still in the dark....

Top five on my Christmas wish list:

1. Shopping spree at Zara (with a spending limit, of course!)

2. Gift certificates from my favorite bookstore.

3. Philosophy's Amazing Grace perfume. Or Satsuma body butter. Or the complete Calvin and Hobbes collection. HA HA HA!!! I'm cheating!

4. Video iPod. With the complete seasons of Sex and the City, Buffy, and Ugly Betty already loaded. Hey, it IS a wish list!

5. 30 minutes alone with Gerard Butler. Just to talk, of course! LOL! What?????!!!! (If you get me this present, I will be your willing slave forever!!!!)

What's top five on your list??? :D


Pacha said...

Nice choices Menchie! I'm sort of torn between 2. and 5.;-)

I wouldn't mind a whole day and night in a five star hotel suite as a present. Room service included. Just eat, read, sleep and not have to do....anything! (this could be my top five all wrapped in one)...

But...I also wouldn't mind a clothes/shoes shopping spree.
And well, books, music, a night out at the theatre or cinema....

A holiday!


Keshi said...

**30 minutes alone with Gerard Butler. Just to talk, of course

oyeah we know u'll only TALK. After talking to him pass him over to me wont ya Menchie darling. I'd do more than just talking babeh LOL!


Menchie said...

a day and a night in a five star hotel is a good one!

but don't you just love my number 5??? :D

yeah, seeing as i'm a married woman, we'll just talk. he he he. then i'll happily hand him over to you.

Pacha said...

Could you lend him to me for that night in the hotel too please? just to talk too...he probably has lots of interesting things to say ;-)

Stace said...

I love Calvin & Hobbes! I'd put that up the top of my list :) Other than that, if somebody could pay all my airfares for visiting Aidan every weekend for another two or three months, that would be nice :) Actually my friend Chantell (blogs as Lletna) has already paid for one weekend's flights for me, which is very nice of her :) Everybody else can follow her example!

argie said...

better go for an ipod touch! the best so far!

Hildegarde said...

A wishlist :-) how cute ... and very tactical :-) On my list are paints and some fine brushes and a new load of paper.

Diesel said...

I'd like Gerard Butler to tuck me into bed and read Calvin & Hobbes to me.

Laurie said...

A shopping spree would be my choice. I need new everything! Merry Christmas, Menchie.

Zhu said...

Oh I love Zara! Good pick;)

I can't even come up with a top five... my head is so full right now!

Within Without said...

And WHO is this Gerard Butler? Is he like Lee's Steve Putz? Errr...Poltz I mean (*Runs away*)

I hope you get your Christmas wish list filled (hmmm...maybe I should rephrase that)

Merry C, Menchie!

N said...

1. A man who makes me happy
2. Gift certificate to Jimmy'z
3. New ipod
4. A pimpin' affordable apartment
5. iMac

Selfish? Very.

Stace said...

Now I think of it, a new motorcylce jacket and waterproof pants would be on my list.

Leo said...

willing slave? Menchie!

But the gift cards to a favorite bookstore is a great gift.

I love it. It gives the excuse to spend hours browsing...

Keshi said...

awww ur too generous...


homo escapeons said...

We could dress up Butler in a skimpy red and white outfit and he could kick the door down and yell




Prepare for glory!"

Menchie said...

of course I'll lend him to you! You'll give him back right? :D

I've got most of their material but I saw this bound set at Amazon and well, I want that. Expensive though.That's such a nice gift from your friend.

but doesn't it have a low memory?

yeah, they have no idea what to give me. your wish list is practical too! :D

Me first!

well I hope you get it cause you deserve to get something new. :D Merry Christmas too!

thanks for dropping by. I really love Zara though didn't see anything I liked when I dropped by recently.

Menchie said...

Goodness! You'd better rephrase that, I guess. Hubby wouldn't be too happy about number 5. LOL!

Well that's why it's a wish list. :D Feel free to wish away!

But of course! To match your spanking new motorcycle. :D

aw, just having a bit of fun. :D

tee hee.


Ummm...loving the skimpy red outfit idea! wait a minute....is that on your list?????!!!!! LOL!

Ces said...

That Gerad Butler really got you. I have yet to see a James Bond movie of his. Good luck with your Christmas wish list.