Thursday, December 06, 2007

"It's that time of year, when the world falls in love..."

This line is from one my favorite Christmas songs (The Christmas Waltz). And despite the hustle and bustle, the heavy traffic and the never ending deadlines at work, I find I really love this time of the year. I even like listening to the piped in Christmas music in the malls.

My weekends in December are already fully booked with get togethers, a baptism, a wedding, and the usual family reunions. Thankfully, all of my shopping's done and I've wrapped half of the presents already. I'm looking forward to seeing old friends, midnight mass and the kids opening their presents.

I've got a ton of tags to do and forgive me if I forget to do a couple of them. I promise to get to them over the next two weeks.

Right now, I'm just taking the time to breathe and think about what I want for Christmas in case the hubby is wondering..... :D


Pacha said...

Definitely take the time out to figure out what you want for Christmas! Never leave that for last!

I am soooooo impressed at how well you've done on the shopping front.

I have sort of ground to a halt there.

Enjoy your December and hope things settle and are less busy at work!

JO-N said...

Enjoy this merry and jolly season, Menchie. Have fun!

Golden Words said...

Me gonna spend christmas and new years away from family and friends :(
but u have a wonderful time.
Tell hubby that u've heard Paris is good this time of the year..

Keshi said...

ur smart Menchie..Im yet to start my shopping and I know I'll run ard like a psychotic Santa in the last minute!


Caroline said...

Enjoy enjoy enjoy.
It is a beautiful time of the year.

Within Without said...

Glad to hear things are more or less back to normal, Mench, and that you seem revitalized a bit.

I'm sure Hubby is wondering what to get you, and the kids are wondering what you're getting for them.

I hope the political situation there remains stable so the likes of you and your beautiful family can enjoy all that Christmas is about.


Within Without said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Within Without said...

Hey Mench...that last comment deleted was by me...pressed the button twice...

Maybe that only accentuates my wishes two-fold...

Stace said...

I am so organised. I have only two people left to buy presents for, and I already know what I'm getting one of them. The last is my father-in-law, he's notoriously hard to buy for!

My weekends (and some of my weekdays) are also getting very booked... it's a bit scary! I'm not a very social person, in fact most of my "good friends" are probably the bloggers I've never met! So seeing people so often is very odd!

Menchie said...

I just can't for the life of me decide what I want for Christmas from the hubby.

- Don't want a new phone (though I need one).
- Just bought two pairs of shoes so don't need more. (think I'm sick)
- just spent an hour in Zara and nothing interested me (except for clothes for Faith)

maybe my favorite perfume since I am running low...

still need to wrap A LOT of presents -- am soooo behind on that! good luck with the rest of your shopping!


thanks sweetie! you too!

Golden words,
hey! thanks for dropping by! Ooooh! Paris! I wish! LOL!

better start now sister! LOL! at least i know you like to shop too so it won't be too much of a hardship!

i know! i really love it.

the political situation is so-so but we're used to it. i am a bit revitalised because it's almost christmas and I love this time of year. you done shopping yet? :D

I also don't like being with a lot of people so I hate the Christmas parties! but I do like being with my good friends so I am enjoying the intimate get togethers. Sometimes i wish we could have a bloggers get together too! Won't that be fun?

Stace said...

It WOULD be fun! Maybe we could set up a chat room or something, and all be there at a particular time?! Hmmm this needs thinking about... :)