Thursday, September 06, 2007

Back from the dead

I had good intentions last night. I was going to relax and post something as soon as dinner was over and the kids ready for bed.

Just five minutes on the couch, I thought. Two hours later, the hubby had to pry me off it (literally) so I could get ready for bed.

Both kids have been sick since last weekend. Faith had a really bad cold and cough then Joshua's fever started 2am on Monday. I've been up in the wee hours of the morning everyday trying to get his fever down and checking (and rechecking) his temperature. The on-off cycle of the fever finally stopped yesterday and he's back in school today. Which is probably the reason why I suddenly felt all my energy drained last night. My body decided it could afford a break since everybody else was ok. Huh. Nobody to use the nebulizer on, no nose to wipe, no back to rub, no fever.

I find it weird that I rarely get sick or catch anything from the kids. With the way Faith rubs her runny nose against my mouth, you'd think I'd be down with it immediately. But noooo, I've got mommy immunity. Which is kinda cool. Makes the hubby envious cause unlike me, he catches everything.

Things are crazy at work too. Coupled with my Mandarin classes (which I am running behind on), I've hardly had time to do anything else. Am going on vacation in a couple of weeks so I have more work to finish before then.

On brighter news, my birthday's coming up! I'm getting waaaaay old but that hasn't stopped me from being excited about it. Who cares, right?


SabineM said...

That should have been my title for Tuesday morning, after my WEEKEND In HOT HELL! ;-)
I went to sleep at 8:15pm and slept until 7am. I felt like I had slept a week!

Where are you going on Vacation? and when is your bday? Happy Early Birthday! Age is just a number. WE should always celebrate it though!

Keshi said...


Hope ur kids get better soon.

ur bday? WHEN?????


Pacha said...

A birthday is always a birthday and needs to be celebrated (or at least you need to get spoiled rotten - thats my best part of it!)...

Hope you feel less tired. I sometimes find I fall into deep sleep when I least expect it! Although if you've had both kids sick then its no wonder that you were tired. I find its not just the 'looking after' at all hours thing that exhausts me but the ANXIETY of it all. Especially when fevers are involved. I should feel an old hand at it but EVERYTIME my kids get sick/hurt themselves I go into alert mode (and almost stop breathing) until it passes.

Menchie said...


the hubby's going to Singapore for a three day work thingie and he wants me to go along. so it's strictly a vacation thing for me as I will not be bringing the kiddies along. my birthday is on the 10th. :D

the 10th. :D

i HATE it when they're sick. You're right, though. More than the physical stress, it's the ANXIETY that makes it worse.

Sigh. Only one more day to go before the weekend! Yay!

kj said...

mandarin classes? every once in a while i'm reminded you and i live on opposite ends of the world. (i like that).

mommy immunity? thank god, huh. i had it too. i still have it, mostly.

hope you catch up and wind down, mench. you're a good mom. you get lots of stars for that alone.


Diesel said...

Well you sure don't look way old.

Have you seen the episode of the Simpsons where the people who don't have kids are trying to pass some law outlawing children or something, and the kids stop them from going to the polls by hugging them? All the people without children have no immunity to their germs and end up getting horribly ill. :)

houseband00 said...

An advanced Happy Birthday, then, Menchie! =)

I'm glad your kids are better.

Laurie said...

Happy birthday, Menchie! May it be the best you've had so far.


Menchie said...

thank you. :D

i missed three classes because of meetings so i have a lot to catch up on.

well thank you. but am probably older than you. No, i didn't see that Simpsons episode. Wish I had, though.


thank you! am looking forward to it. can't wait. :D

Voracious Blog Reader said...

Hi Menchie,

my birthday's coming up! I'm getting waaaaay old

Wisdom increases with Age, they say. A friend of mine too shares the 10th of September for Birthday.

Advance B'day wishes.

Good to hear that the kids are back to good health.

With the way Faith rubs her runny nose against my mouth

Oh! Thats so cute...

Voracious Blog Reader

Nicole said...

I'm just in shock... you eat boogers?


-Princess Shin- said...

Ooh.. You're a strong person. I get sick super easily!!! =(

You're learning Mandarin? Wow.. Good.. ni hao! Hehe.. Can you read?

I wanna learn spanish and Japanese. Can you speak Spanish?

Get some rest ya! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi M--welcome back.

When the kids get sick, so much in our lives stops.

Birthday, sounds nice!

Aidan said...

hope the kids are a bit birghter today:)

I never get sick either, it is a bit annoying as all my sick leave goes begging

aminah said...

we must have some kind of super mummy immune system!! I really hope you have a brilliant birthday! The kids are away at the moment so I am getting the living room can read all about it as soon as I get a few words down for my blog!
have a lovely sunday menchie

Hildegarde said...

Sick kids, exhausting indeed. Great that you still are excited about your birthday :-))), means you're not so old after all :-)

Ms. Val said...

Menchie, I'm glad the kids are better, but I hope you're not getting sick, too. Because when Mom's sick, the household stops. At least that's the way it is around here.

Happy birthday in advance! Do I smell another trip to Zara?

Keshi said...


wut u gonna do today? :)


Caroline said...

when's your birthday honey?
Hope you have had/are having fun.

Laurie said...

Honey, I have shoes older than you! Happy birthday whenever it is!


Keshi said...

and how was ur bday? :)


Big Pumpkin said...

Happy Birthday from now till after. You're right. Who cares!?! Take care of yourself, lots of deep breathes and honey *smile*