Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I saw the third installment of Pirates of the Carribean last weekend and frankly, I don't know what all the fuss is about. I should've listened to my instincts and skipped the movie altogether. But since it was an opportunity for a movie date with the hubby, off we went Sunday afternoon to see it.

What's wrong with it? First, it was an hour and a half too long in my opinion. When I start squirming in my seat and looking at my watch to check how much time is left during a movie, then it's taking much too long to get to the good part. I actually asked my husband if we could go about two thirds into the movie and I was only half kidding.

Second, maybe it's just me but I couldn't even follow the plot about halfway into the movie. There were too many instances of characters switching ships and getting captured and switching ships again that it gets boring after a while. And can somebody tell me what the big build up of Calypso is all about? All that hoopla and then she just turns into a giant mound of crabs --- hellooooo??!!!!

I couldn't even get interested for the sake of the eye candy. Johnny Depp, though he was a bit funny (and walked funny too), isn't really my type. Forget Orlando Bloom, he's prettier than Keira Knightly who mysteriously developed sword fighting skills and is good enough to fight *gasp* burly pirates and British soldiers.

Plus call me fastidious but one other thing I don't like about pirate movies is the dirt factor. It's just gross, ick and yuck. Johnny Depp has seriously big pores on his nose.

So Pirates 2 won the awards at the MTV Movie awards. Go figure. I still think it's one sequel too many.


Aileen said...

really, it wasn't good? :( hubby and I was supposed to see it today (movies are cheap on tuesdays here) but got caught up at the mall. but I'll still see it coz I just lurv that Elf-turned-pirate Orlando Bloom!!! aaawwww!!!

Dan said...

Orlando Bloom, he's prettier than Keira Knightly

LOL! I'm avoiding it because it's way too damned long, as you said.

MTV movie award?? Who really gives a rat's ass about MTV in regards to movies? :)

Nicole said...

See, this is where you and I differ. I am not a fan of Orlando Bloom at all, but I loved the third movie. Yes the movie was long, but for me it flew by. Pretty action packed and I enjoyed how all the loose ends were finally tied together.

Ha, I guess you have to watch the first two a million times (like me) to get the Calypso thing.

And no, nobody cares about MTV awards.

Marie said...

I've only ever seen the first one, and I didn't think it was that great. I also remember that it seemed to go on a bit too long.

Keshi said...

Depp isnt my kind either...I dunno why girls drool over him. I see so many Depps on the train :)

Bloom...I dun hv the hots for him either. he looks like the male version of any female actress. LOL!


Menchie said...

Well, if you're a fan then you might like it. Since you like Orlando, go for it! :D

Well, I only cared about the MTV cause I wanted 300 to win. :P

Gosh, I really didn't get the Calypso thing. I guess I was expecting more after all the build up.

I enjoyed the first one the most cause I was expecting a B-movie but was pleasantly surprised.

Depp's much too grungy for my taste, even when he's not dressed as a pirate. But...Gerard can do grunge and I'd still like him! LOL!

Ekta said...

hey i soo agree!!
I think the whole series has been highly overrated...i didnt even enjoy the version 2...and cldnt drag myself to watch this version!..after reading ur review am glad i didnt!

Menchie said...

i didn't like the second one either. I hated the hanging ending. :D

Ces said...

You said it right about the dirt factor. Have you seen their teeth? How could people be so strong and brave with those rotten teeth? You would think, they'll be bothered and distracted by toothaches. I did not see the third movie and I probably won't see it in the theaters because of the toilet queeing factor.

Nicole said...

Well there you have it, you had your hopes up too high. ;)

homo escapeons said...

I may actually get out of seeing it? It is too scary for my 5 year old son and all of my teenagers have already seen it (One of them is an asst mgr at a theatre so we can see anything we want HELLO!)

I do need to see Keith Richards because one second after Jack Sparrow's entrance in the very first Pirates I leaned over to my lovely wife and said
"HEY Johnny Depp is totally channeling Keith Richards!"

SO render unto Caesar what is Caesars..Depp should be giving half of his salary to Keith!
Hey I might have to post that.

Menchie said...

The dirt really bothered me. Do they even take a bath on those ships?

I know. :D

I didn't take my kids either although the moviehouse had kids of all ages, some younger than 5 years old. The kids behind us were whimpering at certain parts. Plus they had that hanging scene at the beginning that I thought was not fit to be seen by children.

Keith Richards was great -- one of the few things I liked about the movie.

Keshi said...

cheater LOL!


Menchie said...

only for gerry, though. oh, and the hubby, of course. :P

Keshi said...

I had an ex-BF called Gerard. but nah he wasnt close to this Gerard lookswise. But he knew better when it came to choosing his women ;-)


Pecos Blue said...

Good to know I will avoid it.

Menchie said...

well, he chose you so he must have good taste!

so you're not a fan too...:D

Hildegarde said...

Hum, it was a waste of time. So, what my partner and I do is this : we wait untill the movie is out of the theatre and until you can rent it, we have a date at home and watch the movie, if it isn't good : he persists on seeing the whole story (good or not) and I can do something else :-)))

-Princess Shin- said...

I didn't really understand the story too! It was so long ago when I watch the second movie. And the fighting scene was so long!!! Esp the part where they got married in the middle of all the fighting! So fake! Not romantic at alL! But I do like the special effects though. Esp when the ship turned upside down! Haha..

Stace said...

We haven't gone to see it for exactly those reasons! You've just told me what I expected. Oh well, I'm sorry you had to suffer through it but I won't!

Maysha said...

Well, to be honest with you...I wasn't interested in the Pirates of the Carribean movies past the first one...Leo on the other hand, he likes it very much. So you see, I'm glad I didn't waste my time watching the others.

Jun Villaluz said...

that's what we do for most movies but sometimes it's worth it just to have some couple time without the kids.

yeah, that getting married part was a bit overdone, I think. But i also liked the ship turning upside down.

good for you. :D

yeah, just wait for the dvd if Leo likes it that much.