Wednesday, April 04, 2007

We're off on a Lenten holiday starting tomorrow. Everything pretty much shuts down for the next two days for Lent. Monday is also a national holiday so that makes it five whole days with no work and all play (and prayer, of course).

There won't be an internet connection where I'm going (at least until Saturday) so I will miss trolling your blogs. Meanwhile, the nanny's on vacation for two months so the kids have our unadulterated attention for the next five days at least.

Also, it's the hubby's birthday on Saturday so will have to think of an appropriate way to celebrate seeing as it is Lent.

But I'm leaving something for Ces (because you don't know him yet), Keshi (because you like him too!), and Maria (because I want to cheer you up)...something to look at in the next four days! This is Gerard Butler...

This one is courtesy of



Ces said...

Ay Ay sus! A man with abs like that will have no time for a woman. He will spend most of his time at the gym primping and nurturing his curves. He is an actor and paid to look beautiful. Give me a man who goes to work everyday building or creating something and have a body like that.

Still he is a perfect physical specimen (almost) since he is covered). Thanks Menchie.

Ces said...

And by the way. This is not a good thing to be leaving for your friends at Lent. We are suppose to be fasting!

Hildegarde said...

Have a great holiday, Menchie. I had to laugh with the present you're leaving here for the women, LOL, good choise.
P.S. If you ever visit Europe, I will be honoured to guide you around in Flanders.

Menchie said...

Isn't he just fine????? He was saying during interviews that he was in pain for most of the time the movie was being made since he over trained for it and he stopped going to the gym right after. He was just beautiful in that movie!

Advanced Happy Easter!

Oooh I'm going to hold you to that offer, ok? :D

Stace said...

It's always interesting reading the blogs of people from different cultures, countries, and religions. A nanny? Prayer? Lack of internet?! Haha
Actually it sounds very nice. You're lucky!

Menchie said...

Yes, it's a Catholic country which is why Lent is a big thing. Also, most households have helpers and/or nannies which I know people who live in Western countries find hard to believe. :D

Keshi said...

aww Im gonna miss ya babez but ofcourse I'll be away too..until next Tue. U have a safe and enjoyable long wknd then. In the meantime I'll just drool on this pic and dream of steamy nights with the one guy we both share LOL!

ooh lala! ty for the treat hunny. LOVELY lips he's got mannnn!


Keshi said...

mebbe he needs some undressing and a lil shower?


Menchie said...

keshi! get a hold of yourself! LOL! He's also mine you know!!

I got most of his movies on DVD and I'm planning to immerse myself on Gerard Butler during the loooong weekend! When I'm not praying, of course! :D

Keshi said...

hahaha Menchie u sure ur gonna be able to pray this weekend? Images of me n Butler r gonna haunt u hunny.

Say ur prayers babeh ;-)


Aidan said...

Maybe you could give up Gerard Butler for lent, or is that asking too much:)

Guess hes ok..

Happy easter

Marie said...

Happy Easter!

Homo Escapeons said...

Now I feel guilty for not letting the 'help' off for a few days...Ok maybe the pool boy, the chauffeurs and the kitchen staff can sleep in an extra hour on Sunday but the stable staff and entertainment workers need to work because we were all going to go 'riding' after bowling and a swim.

Have a nice getaway!

kj said...

have a great time menchie. it's easter in my neck of the woods--including the preparation of easter baskets and a family dinner on sunday.

i wonder why i'm not crazy about gerard butler? :) plus i think the sunglasses intimidate me.

Caroline said...

He is fine! Very fine.

Menchie said...

I'm baaack!!! Now get away from's my turn!

i'd have better luck giving up chocolate!

Happy Easter to you and Stace!

Happy Easter to you too! :D

HA HA! We don't have a stable...just the pool boy... :P

Have fun in your Easter preparations...It's Ryan's first!

Isn't he just???!!!!!

Dan said...

Menchie, Happy Eater and Lent and Passover and Password and all that! And Happy belated Birthday to your husby!

Hugs and kisses.

Menchie said...

Thanks Dan! Happy all that to you too! :D

Within Without said...

I betcha those aren't his real abs!

Menchie said...

I think they were real -- I saw some of the behind the scenes production videos and pics and the abs were there. Still, i lub him.

Keshi said...



Menchie said...

am sooo curious...did you see train guy again?

Homo Escapeons said...

Why are you letting ww comment on anything about a celebrity? He knows absolutely jack-squat about anyone in the entertainment industry!

"I betcha those aren't his real abs!" Tell WW to pull up his shirt and show us his Flab-balanche!

Menchie said...

LOL! you think WW will show us his abs???